Canon EOS 6D Mark II DSLR w/ 24-105mm Lenses

This camera, sans lens, is available for $1349 (after MIR) but with free shipping. I won’t list the site, but your price is way too high for what Imaging Resource called a “missed opportunity”.

I was just going to mention that the lens is a detraction. It would sell better as just the camera body.

I think that might be the Mark 1, the Mark 2 is 1700 body only. That being said, B&H has this camera with lens for $30 more with a free battery grip and some other extras

This Lens (600.00 alone) makes this package a deal!! Not to mention that this Camera is the lowest price Full Frame SLR among all manufactures.

My friend has this Camera and it’s incredible!! it’s been the best lowest price full frame SLR for like the past 10 years and this version is the New Mark II which just came out a little over a year ago.

Also the price margin on top line Cameras like this is really Narrow so this is a great deal and again the Lens is what really makes this deal a deal.

BTW any reputable dealer sells this Camera Body only for 1699.00

Anyplace selling the body for less is coming from another country with a void warranty.