Canon EOS 80D 24.2 MP SLR - Body Only

Is this a USA product or grey market? Refurbished? I don’t see anything denoting this product as either. The price is great but I want to make sure that I wouldn’t be buying a grey market camera or refurb.

It is new as noted below the price. It is authentic Canon.


Does this have a USA canon warranty?


Sure does. You can see the link at the bottom of the features.

This says it comes with the “body only.” Does it come with a battery/charger and/or strap?

Here it is on Amazon

The linked manual says it comes with a strap, battery, and battery charger.

Less than 20 days ago, the 80d kit was less than this body only price.

789.99 ($1,799.00 56% off list price)

Can we get a price drop on this body only camera please?

Would love to but unfortunately, our costs vary from our vendors.

Is woot an authorized canon reseller? Their warraanty specifically states it is only valid if purchased from a canon authorized reseller.