Canon EOS Rebel Digital SLR

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Canon EOS Rebel Digital SLR
$419.99 + $5 Standard Shipping
Condition: New

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Here is a Link to the maker.

Is the rapture here already? I thought the Mayans predicted it to occur in December.

About $60 more on Amazon.

Andre Agassi approves of this deal!

curious if any of these T4i’s are a part of the bad batch:

[Mod: Per the buyer, our stock has been checked and we art clear. ]

Are these US Warranty models, or grey market?

The warranty is offered for 1 year by Canon, so my guess would be US. Grey Market generally doesn’t come with a manufacturer warranty I think.

links to the best reviews of these cameras you’re likely to find anywhere:




T4i running $949 on Amazon.

I was just looking at buying a DSRL. Although I eventually went with a Nikon, I did do a lot of comparing the T3 and the T3i.

The notable upgrades I remember of the T3i include a significantly newer sensor (still the same one that was in the T2i, but significantly newer than the one in the T3), a self cleaning sensor, it shoots a bit faster, better in lower light. The body is also a bit larger and has a rubberized hand grip. (edit: Also forgot about the high res flip out screen on the T3i compared to the smallish, lower res stationary screen on T3)

However, the T3 was a great camera to shoot and an uber DSLR noob (like me) might not really notice the things that make the T3i better. I ultimately went with the Nikon D3100 because I felt it split the difference in features and price between the 2 models.

In conclusion, the T3 is the most basic entry level Canon DSLR, while the T3i is at the the mid-high level of entry level DSLRs. Didn’t do much with the T4i because that was always out of my range.

Lastly, is great for reviews on cameras and lenses.

I’ve owned the T3i for going on 3 months. It is literally the most epic camera in the history of epicness. Images are clear, crisp and non blurry. The t3i has a dual image stabilization system that was designed for us folks that are unable to maintain perfect stillness. They provide a thorough and well edited means of educating oneself on product utilization (directions, if I called them that no one would read them. Q himself would have been hard pressed to come up with a better product. Battery life is well above standard, there is a noticeable difference between after market batteries and those produced by canon. Support in regard to lenses is excellent. I have lost count of the number of lenses I can purchase. The best feature, especially if you’re not a Lilliputian is that the product fits amazing well in your hand without you wanting to say HULK SMASH in frustration. if you are petite or small handed, this may be too large. For those of us that have been using only cell phone cameras, initial viewing of ones images will result in a splendid eye orgasm of pure awesome epicness.

To sum it up, the most amazing camera I have ever had the honor of operating.

A pretty simple comparison website

T4i vs T3i

T4i vs T3

T3i vs T3

And I’m not sure if this link would help… but this is DxOMarks comparisons.

Find the T4i for less in several places, although not from as well known websites.

$819, $0 S&H

$759, Unknown S&H

Question is, do you go for a well known supplier like woot or others, or do you save a few buck to a lesser known website.

If the only thing you have had is point-and-click cameras then get the T3.
This price is good and you get a lot of bang for your buck.

It comes with a really good lens to start off with. Normally packages for cameras come with a really cheap lens.

You will be able to learn the different modes and features the camera has to offer without dropping a lot of money to upgrade the lens.

The quality of photos that you will be able to produce, even as a beginner, will leave you wondering why you hadn’t moved past the fixed-lens until now.

I have been complaining about the lack of deals on Woot but, if I didn’t already have one, I would gladly jump on this.

There are so many scam places in regards to DSLR cameras. I only trust big name sites.

When I was out buying my camera I also came across a handy website for finding lenses: .

It’s been handy for lens ratings and snapshot specs. Also for finding out which 3rd party, less expensive lenses (like Sigma and Tamron) are worth your money.

Too funny, I just got a good deal on a refurb T3i this evening. OCD kept me from going for the T4i since it has a touch screen…uggh.

Not sure about the second link, but the first link is a legit site. Recommended by some photographers I read about.

But yeah, it’s really your call if you want a to go with a site you’re more comfortable with.

Edits for everyone: Been in photography since early '08 self-taught. Own a Canon Rebel XTi (400D).

My thoughts;

T4i: You want the latest gear and it’s touchscreen. Most expensive. Most feature packed.
T3i: The camera in between everything.
T3: Who cares about touchscreen!! I’m cheap.

In my opinion, I’d go for the T4i if you’re shooting wildlife and sports (due to higher FPS and 5 cross-type focus points). The T4i is also more advanced in video than its predecessors and more sensitive to light (higher ISO). It also has touchscreen (which is kind of silly to me for now) which I haven’t gotten to play with yet, but we’ll see if it changes my mind. If you don’t need any of these features (FPS, better video, etc) and don’t mind having your ISO a stop slower (heck my XTi is like 3 stops slower = buy a speedlight), then I’d go for the T3i or T3 depending on budget and needs.