Canon EOS Rebel Digital SLR



We’re rattling the ground with these deals. Seriously!


Amazon currently has it for $479 with 5 star rating.

Adorama has it for $485 with 4.5 star rating.


Nice deal on this camera. Already own one and it’s a great starting camera into DSLRs.


Quiet night. Everybody must be out partying. I am hoping to hear about some lense options on telephoto and wide angle from folks using this camera. It has a LOT of the options of really new models: including movie mode. Off to do a little research…

#6 has it for 479.99 with free 8g memory card


I’d go with a used T2i for a few bucks more, but this is a good deal if you’re dead set on a T3 for some reason.


What is the difference betweem T3 and a T3i ?


You can use any Canon EF or EF-S lens. You can also use the lenses you buy for this with any Canon digital camera (except that the EF-S lenses can’t be used with the 5D or 1D (or any film cameras)).

You know those big white lenses you see on the sidelines at football games? You can use those.


I’m doing research myself, found the below 55-250mm lens from Amazon for $186.


Welcome to Saturday nights. :wah:


Can any of the old 35mm film zoom lenses be used on a DSLR?


Is this the same camera


As long as they are Canon autofocus (EF) lenses they will work with this camera.

I have a Sigma 70-200mm F2.8 zoom I bought over ten years ago to use on my Elan 7E and Rebel bodies, and I still use it today (I don’t have this camera, but I do have a different recent Canon DSLR).


I bought my brother a slightly used EOS Rebel a few years ago to replace his 35mm. What I found was that you can buy an adapter that will let you use them with manual focus but you won’t get a very good results.

Edit: His were FD mounts


It looks like it is.


Yes, it is the same camera. I have no experience with DaxMart.

I recommend doing searches for complaints regarding any online retailer with which you are unfamiliar, especially those that sell cameras at prices that seem too good to be true.

Some retailers (and I am not taking specifically about, since I have never purchased anything from them) have been known to call purchasers to try to sell them overpriced accessories. Shoulr the buyers turn down these offers, the products are suddenly out of stock, or shipment is delayed in some other way.


I regularly use two lenses (Sigma 70-200 F2.8 and Canon 100-300 USM) that are over ten years old that were sold and purchased for use with 35mm cameras, no adapter needed.

The lens interface for Canon has been the same since 1987. Some old third party lenses may have a problem, but any Canon EF lens should work without an adapter.

FD mount lenses from before 1987 will need an adapter.


As long as it is an EF lens it will work, Canon has an older mount before the EF lens mount that will not work so just make sure you know what you have…


Confirming this is true. I have two EF lenses that are almost 20 years old that I use with no problem.