Canon EOS Rebel SL1 EF-S 18-55mm IS STM Kit

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Canon EOS Rebel SL1 EF-S 18-55mm IS STM Kit
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Here is a link to dpreview’s take on the Canon SL1 as well as a link to their full review.

Perfect reviews over at

What is an STM lens?

Simply put, it’s a lens made by Canon that uses stepper motors for focus in an attempt to reduce or eliminate motor noise when shooting video as you change focus.

Over 600 Reviews and 4.8 Stars over at Best Buy

Question - I have an older Rebel SLR - Do the lenses and accessories from the film Rebels fit the newer digital Rebels?

The Rebel bodies are of the EOS body style which has the EF/EF-S mount, and thus should all take the EF and EF-S lenses. So, you should be ok. Just keep in mind that technology has changed quite a bit over the years, so a newer lens may be much faster and better while focusing (motor technology, etc) and the glass and other parts may be better with newer designs (not just for Canon brand lenses, but all brands). If you have some really nice lenses though, they should be good to go :slight_smile:

One of my lenses (Tamron 28-200mm) is 20-25 years old–I bought it new when I bought my first NONdigital Rebel. It was fine when I upgraded to the XSi. So yes, your lenses should be fine, as long as they’re EF or EF-S.

While older lenses might not be as good as similar modern lenses, if yours were quality then, they’re still good quality and very likely better than the kit lens.

Buy this body if you like its stats. Then, if your old lenses aren’t giving you the quality you want, save up for better ones. But if they’ve been doing fine for you already, they should still be acceptable.


This is the most current ENTRY level DSLR in Canon’s lineup. They do make a smaller mirror-less M series but that is a different class. With the progress in cameras today, even an entry level body beats models made 10 years ago in terms of resolution, ISO and shutter speed. That said, this is the lowest in terms of features in the current models. Don’t purchase this camera expecting it to take better pictures for you and make you a professional photographer. You still need to learn about lighting, composure and composition. This body is for the casual photographer, a step up from the point-n-shoot or iPhone shooter. AS smart as cameras get, they still rely on us to do that. If you are looking for something to travel with, that’s light weight and compact, give it a try. But for heavy lifting and a camera that won’t shatter if you drop it step up out of the Rebel line. I shoot mainly in manual mode and the lack of dual dials for aperture and shutter annoy me. I’d also suggest picking up a 50mm f1.8 (or 28mm) lens for shooting indoors at low light. Those can be purchased used for about $99.

great camera. I used two SL1’s in my video productions.
Low light performance not the greatest. ISO 1600 you start to see lots of noise.
Even with the lame low light performance, I was still capable of capturing awesome footage for my clients.

The lenses will mount up and work correctly, however dpreview noted the following with regards to the new autofocus system in the SL1 using live view or movie modes:

Does the SL1 provide AF and IS in video mode? (assuming the attached lens offers those capabilities)

My T5 does not AF in video mode.

It does but see my reply here if you are using non-STM lenses with this camera.

Hey! Don’t sellout as I’m trying to checkout! You have to have one or two more. Let me buy one.

I see this and make a few phone calls and sell my XSi and now this camera is sold out. Are you going to have anymore anytime soon?

Sorry. :frowning:

It’s Amazon, they have them, they just don’t want to sell them at this price if they think we might go and pay an extra $100 on their main site when we see that we missed the deal. If they were smart though, they would continue the sale for us since you’d have to be an idiot to buy it from them at the same price as the local Target where you don’t have to pay for shipping or even wait for it.

I doubt that