Canon EOS Rebel SL2 DSLR with EF-S 18-55mm Lens

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Canon EOS Rebel SL2 DSLR with EF-S 18-55mm Lens
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I’m a newbie who wants to be able to take better pictures on vacation - i.e., better than a cell phone (despite the fact that they’re quite good now). I have two questions for anyone who knows a bit about photography:

  1. Is this overkill and/or would I be out of my depth as a first non-Canon-Powershot camera? (I was looking at some of the higher end “point and shoot” models by Sony, and they’re around the same price, if not more expensive.) Which leads me to…

  2. Any estimate of the all-in cost if I were to buy this? I assume you need a decent case/pack, memory cards, maybe an extra battery? (Let’s assume for now that I won’t get addicted and feel the need to buy a bunch of different lenses and other optional accessories.)


I recommended this camera over the one (Canon T6i) that meh was offering about two months ago.

It’s a great starter Canon DSLR for a good price if you don’t want get a whole bunch o’ lenses in the package… else go for the Costco 3 lens fun pack which has now increased to $779.

This is the next step from a point and shoot.All you need are another battery ($30) and a few memory cards ($40).

Can Woot verify this camera comes with the USA warranty? If so, this is decent deal, $20 less than the same kit refurbished direct from Canon:

Anyone want to buy my Canon 70d?

I own this camera and this is a pretty good deal, I would certainly buy it again at this price if mine wasn’t in perfect working order. I feel like I should add, that this can also essentially operate as a “point and shoot” camera, just a fairly bulky one. In auto mode the camera will work pretty well, and with the included lens will take pretty good pictures in decent light.

Personally I found that I started getting much better pictures once I started learning more about photography and how to take it out of auto and dial in the camera for the shot I was trying to get.

The next biggest change is when I got a larger aperture lens, the 50mm f1.4 prime. It allowed me to stop using the flash and just take pictures using natural light, even in dimmer settings, and caused me to develop a bit of loathing for the built-in flash. So then of course I picked up a Speedlite, then a longer zoom, then the 24mm pancake lens for more portability, etc. I guess what I’m really getting at is good luck not going down the photography rabbit hole, but if you do there are plenty of us down here already hahaha.

Does anyone know if the view finder will swivel forward for "front of camera’ viewing? Need to be able to check framing for video? Thank you very much.

It does swing out.

Thank you. I see that it swings out, but does it pivot screen forward?

If you have a look at the 4th and 5th gallery photos you can see the screen rotated both directions.

In fact, when the screen is nested on the back of the camera it is already oriented to be viewed from the front of the camera when you swing it out. You actually have to pivot it to see it from the rear of the camera :wink:

This whole review is great this guy does on this camera, but in particular, if you go to 18:48-20:10 you can see how fully articulating the screen is.


This comes with a one year Canon warranty. We have this info in the Features section.

Awesome! Thanks so much!

Most frustratingly, I cannot access the community posts for this item from the item page - the normal “Discuss this deal” button does not show up on the item pages for me. I got here by navigating to the Woot Community posts using the link from another item.

I am using 64 bit Chrome v.69.0.3497.100 on Windows 10 Pro.

This has happened to me several times before with other items. It doesn’t interfere with my ability to purchase anything, but I do like to read the comments both for informational and entertainment purposes.

Sorry about that. We were tweaking some stuff ahead of Q4 peak and stuff broke. These forums are ancient and held together with duct tape and old chewing gum. Even looking at them funny causes them to break lately. We are working to make sure they DON’T break - but ironically broke them in the process.

Is this actually a woot camera deal that’s really a deal and not attracting photo snobs telling you how terrible it is and instead you should purchase the Acme model X for hundreds of dollars more?!?! This is vintage wootness!

I sold my Canon 70D tonight for $360, someone got a steal on my camera so I could buy this one. I’m so excited. This is a lot more my speed - more gui interface, that works great for me where I understand the concepts of photography, I just like a simpler interface. It’s definitely a better fit and can also do better video, which is also a big selling point for me. Just check out that review I posted earlier- that sells it best.