Canon EOS Rebel T3 Digital SLR



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Canon EOS Rebel T3 Digital SLR
$399.99 + $5 Standard Shipping
Condition: New

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Wow, save about $57 off amazon list price:


How good of a camera is this? Will it take better than a point and shoot will?


Anyone seen a B O’ C as of yet? Anyone? Bueller?


Attn “Gym shooters:” No magic fairy dust here that is going to magically allow you to capture your little darling making the tournament winning shot in the gym. The “kit” lens spends most of it’s life at f/5.6. Fine for outdoors, not fine for indoors.

Get ye educated about apertures and shutter speeds and ISOs before spending money on the wrong camera…or more important, the wrong lens.


Decent price for a really nice camera. The Canon Rebels take a very good picture and they’re a little smaller and easier to carry than some of the larger Canon and Nikon cameras. I love my Rebel T2i.


Much better.


What are you trying to photograph? “Much better” isn’t the right answer.


Which deal is better?


Yes, much better, although part of that depends on the lenses you buy.


Which deal is better?


99% remaining, with more than one sold, on a big-ticket item… I declare this item… A WOOT-OFF KILLER!!!

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Woot has gone downhill a bit…


Almost any DSLR camera will be better than point and shoot. Bigger lenses=more light intake=better pictures in low light. Bigger/better sensor than most point and shoots=better image quality.

To get the most out of the camera, you would want to begin to learn how to use the camera (which can be very simple just by taking it a step at a time), but the auto mode on Canon cameras (enabling the camera to become “point and shoot”) will give you very good pictures on its own.


I’ve found that the people asking “How good a camera” questions often are hoping it will do things that can only be done with a $6,000 outfit. You need to find out what they want to do in order for them to “get the right tool for the job.”

Aside: I just tutored a person who bought a similar outfit 3 DAYS before she was asked to shoot a relative’s wedding!!! When I told her this wasn’t a good idea, she said, “It’s OK, the marriage won’t last long anyway!” I am not making this up.


Read the specs of the kit lens. F/3.5 to 5.6…same as most compact camera lenses. So while it is physically “bigger” the amount of light coming through is no more than the point and shoot. However, the lens may be sharper and the focusing system in the body may be faster, etc.

The sensor size is a plus…and learning to actually use the camera is a great idea!


I prefer this deal and then getting whatever else I need on my own. There’s very little detail on the additional items and I don’t trust all SDHC cards to be a safe repository for my great (or not so great) photos. I never use a table top tripod and my laptop has it’s own card reader.


I have this camera and it is awesome. It is my first DSLR and so simple to use. This is also a great price.

If you are a serious photographer, go for the Nikon D3100.