Canon EOS Rebel T5 DSLR Camera w/ 18-55mm Lens

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Canon EOS Rebel T5 DSLR Camera w/ 18-55mm Lens
Price: $349.99
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Excellent Reviews over at Best Buy

The other day I got this same camera, with 18-55mm Lens, 55-300mm Lens, HDMI Cable, 16 GB SD Card, Canon Camera Bag, Charger, Battery, for $199.99 at Sam’s Club. Too bad it was a pricing error that only lasted a day.

BUT, you can still get all of the above for $449 at Sams Club. The 55-300mm Lens alone is worth $150 to $200 more. So if you want extras go to Sams. For just the camera, this is a luke warm deal IMHO.

Check out the product page and check out this review over at cnet

I got this camera for Christmas and it has been a great intro DSLR camera. With this camera I am having a great time learning. I did buy a package deal like what is mentioned by gwbaker and while it is good to get the other lens it isn’t an amazing lens. You can find the 75-300mm lens online for around $75 or less. Once you get into certain photos you will spend more on lenses than this camera costs as I already have. Also most package deal included equipment is very marginal quality.

I don’t regret buying this camera and would completely recommend it for anyone wanting to get an intro DSLR camera.

You can see some of the pictures I have taken with this camera on my instagram:

Oh hey, we’ve got a couple Canon lenses for sale too.

The same camera and lens with a separate Canon 75-300mm lens along with a bundle of accessories sells at Beach Camera for $479 (free shipping).
What really sold me, though, is no sales tax on sales outside of New Jersey. Like Woot used to be, before all those Woot stores opened up in California. Oh, wait, there ARE no Woot stores: it’s because Woot was bought by Amazon, unfortunately.

Looks like a good price but I’m waiting for a good deal on the T5i.

That’s good to wait for the “i” model. SO many more features. It gives the camera more growing room and longer life.

The higher ISO alone is worth waiting for the i model for.

I shoot professionally with a T4i, and my business partner the T3i.

Costco has a bundle for $449 that includes:

EOS Rebel T5 Body
EF-S 18–55mm f/3.5–5.6 IS II Lens
EF75/300 III Telephoto Zoom (Not shown)
Eyecup Ef (Not shown)
Battery Pack LP-E10
Battery Charger LC-E10
Shoulder Bag 100ES (Not shown)
Wide Strap EW-300D
Sandisk 16Gb Class 10 Memory Card (Not shown)
USB Interface Cable IFC-130U
Belkin Mini HDMI Cable (Not shown)
Tutorial DVD
EOS Digital Solution Disc & Software Instruction Manual CD
Camera Instruction Manual (Not shown)

Costco also has a T5i bundle - but a LOT more money…