Canon EOS Rebel T5i DSLR Camera with 18-55mm Lens

Great reviews (4.8 out of 5.0) over at

Which lens is the correct one? Picture shows 18-135mm. Description shows 18-55mm. Big difference in price between the two.

[MOD: We’re selling the 18-55m lens. Photo is fixed.]

The Canon Rebel series is great. The pics I took with the T3i were amazing right out of the box. For somebody who doesn’t know how to use the advanced settings, the auto mode does wonders.

just bought this camera-it is by far the best camera i have owned. even without any practice i got amazing pics at a school event in a dark auditorium. clear , crisp, and the colors were true.

If choosing between the two, make sure to go for the T5i (or any of the models with the “i” in it). They are much better optioned, better quality, etc. Just google the differences between the two, there’s no point in going into it here, it’s been said many times before :wink:

T5i and T5 are totally different cameras and don’t get full the way this sale is placed. A not so carefull buyer/noice may see the second deal a lot better due to nonsense accessories and not needed low quality lenses but yes you must aim for T5i and that “i” is all you want.
But to make correction on above OP, the image quality in both cameras are identical but similarity ends there. There are enormous wanted features on T5i such as articulated LCD, better ergonomy of camera, Touch sensor (That unlike Sony or Nikon verions, is FULL touch screen with Canon, that is you can use it not only on preview image when shown on screen, similar to cellphones, you can use it for navigating through every menu that appears on info or menu screens and choose, use at your will.
The differences are priceless. Unless the price of T5 is significantly lower than T5i, never ever choose it. Even the batteries and chargers are not the same, in case you decided to buy one T5 to use as second or backup along with your already owned T5i.

if your interested in dealing with a $350 rebate, you can get the t5i for $399 at buydig through ebay. This included a pixma pro 100 printer, sd card and bag.

But the rebate is large so if u mess it up, you will spend more money