Canon EOS Rebel XS DSLR Bundle

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Canon EOS Rebel XS DSLR Bundle
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I hate to be a party pooper, but cannon’s aps-c crop factor is 1.6x… GARBAGE!

Sure its a crop sensor that doesn’t mean its “GARBAGE” as you call it. A lot of people use entry level crop sensor cameras and take amazing pictures. What make it garbage is how old it is. Its 10 years old at this point and is a 10.1 MP sensor. A cell phone could take better pictures.

Had this very camera for 7 years, was a great entry level DSLR. ISO isn’t super high, but it works with EF and EF-S lenses and autofocus is pretty good.

This camera with the lens is worth $125. The rest of the throw in garbage is worth $25 and none of it is really useful except for the bag.

Agreed. Aux lenses and worthless tripods remind me of the package deals for film SLR “outfits” found in the back pages of photo magazines years ago. They used to include lens tissue and even the lens cap to inflate the number of items in the “kit.”

Funny how so many great photos were taken in the past 15 years before the oh-so-holy 35mm full frame sensor came along?

#1: Soon, the term “full frame” will become meaningless to a generation of photographers who never touched film and do not own lenses made for “full frame.”

#2: Most photos taken with a perfectly fine 10MP camera will never be printed. They’ll be viewed on a screen.

#3: I worked (briefly) with Vincent Versace who has an award from the Smithsonian for his pioneering work with inkjet prints. His stuff was printed large,looked just fine, and 10MP DLSRs hadn’t even been invented at the time.

To Radiojohn:

Last week I picked this up from woot for $480 Canon EOS Rebel SL2 DSLR with EF-S 18-55mm Lens. I liked my Canon 70D, but the SL2 has more of a gui interface, better remote options and better video. I was able to sell the 70D to a friend of mine. I video my kids for recitals and school of rock concerts, can you recommend a decent external mic that will attach to the shoe, that will work with that camera? I want to stay <$50 if possible. Thanks

Can’t shoot quality photos over ISO 800 (need a good flash for night/indoors), but it will take better pictures than a cell phone. The 10MP sensor will make excellent 16x20" prints at ISO 100-400. 800 starts to get grainy. 1600 is awful.

If this was body only for less $ it would be a good candidate for an IR conversion. Otherwise, might as well fork over a little more for a body with better light sensitivity. The 18-55 and 18-135 Kit lenses are mediocre, don’t waste $ on those.

Sorry, my use of recording outside of a studio or with mics that are not near the subject is limited.

I’d try to find some youtube videos featuring “shotgun” mics, preferably with actual examples.

Live sound is tough! The farther away your subject is, the more problems you have.

Try to be away from any other people chatting, babies making noise, sneezing, sniffing, coughing, etc.

If you have a small digital recorder and you can get it up closer, you might make a “just in case” recording with it and strip it in the video later.

Several years ago Woot sold a Sony ICD LX-30 recorder and I bought three of them. I literally make part of my living with them.

Sadly, they are now $195, but others in the series are cheaper and might be good to have around.

Sounds good, I’ve been checking YouTube, just wondered if you had personal experience. Thanks!

Doesn’t even record video/audio.
Bummer, Was hoping now with new Mirror-less models some 4K mirrored models would come down in cost.
Besides Panasonic is my first Choice.

I have two digital cameras. One is the OLD C700 Olympus 2.1mp ZOOM camera and the other is some fancy sony cybershot that has way too many features for it’s purpose. At a sporting event, on default settings, the Olympus takes better shots then the sony and even on zoom mode, the Olympus is better. I’m not blowing these up to picture windows size so the MP for larger pictures isn’t an issue. Sports/Movement shots, the same. The Olympus on sport mode is better then the Sony. I’ve tried different settings trying to find a sweet spot but, at the end of the game, I ether have a crap load of crappy blurry shots on the zillion mega pixel sony or my 15 year old Olympus.

The 1.6x crop isn’t what makes this a bad deal. It’s the ancient body, and worthless add ons. The only lens of value is the kit one that comes with this body.

As others have stated you could get an SL2, or just a used T3i-T6i, SL1 ect all of which would be a significant upgrade over this. This is just too old a body to be worth the price they are offering it at, be it new/used/refurb.

If it were cheaper I would say it was worth grabbing for a kid as a starter slr

Here is the review from 10 years ago. I can see someone buying a 10 year old DSLR lens but a 10 year old camera body? Shame on you Woot!

I know people will disagree and I own this and 4 others + olds school SLR’s (and a Samsung Digital SLR look-a-like)

My Samsung S8, Note 8, S9+ and Note 9 will do everything this does and better until you put on a 200mm to 500mm zoom.

If you have a Samsung phone, you need to dig into the camera settings. More expansive than you probably are aware.

Not pushing or shilling for Samsung (I am a never again iPhoner though)

Is this a camera sale for the collectors or antique shops?

Not only I am totally agree with all that is said but I am another live example that has gone through it and currently even I prefer to use my Samsung Galaxy 8+ over my Canon 80D!
Having said that, when I need something with better rez, I still shoot with my Sony A6000 mirrorless.

Either use your newer cellphone or a mirrorless.

Don’t waste money into these old garbage of yesteryears that are too old to be of any use, unless you have collection or like antiquity.