Canon HV20 High Definition Camcorder

Price comparator post ! - Is this a good deal ? Let’s see ! :slight_smile:

Refurbished Canon HV20 High Definition Camcorder, for $539.99 + $5 shipping
Product: 1x Canon HV20 1080 High Definition Camcorder

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I have used the HV 30 for a while, and it is definitely a quality camcorder. The image stabilization is extremely nice and the color and quality of regular DV is very good. Haven’t recorded anything in HD to see how that works though.

100% bought 3???!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!! who has that much dinero?

If I haven’t purchased this stupid sony TRV 50 for $1400 4 years ago…
I would buy this… 2 of them…

Optical Image Stabilizer = Nice, much better than Digital Image Stabilizer
From the description it looks like this is got 3 CCD Chip (True color translation)
Very nice …

ebay resellers

Ok, so that was the freakiest product description I’ve ever read…

Apparently “nahman42” does! I’m still debating if I can afford 1!

Its cheaper on this site:

Free shipping too… woot its disappointing tonight.

I will only buy this camcorder if it comes with the tape of the now-dead family in it.

I regret not getting the one a while back that used the mini DVDs. I’ll be watching for it.

Not worth it for refurb and MiniDV

True, but I’ve read more bad things about preferredphoto than most any other site. Mostly along the lines of “they don’t really sell stuff for the price listed”.

The list goes on and on. I’m not buying this, but if I was, I’d pay woot the extra $15 in a minute

stay far far away from PreferredPhoto, that place looks like a total scam. Check out ResellerRatings:

(Yes the link says Broadway Photo, but on the page it says Preferred Photo is the same scummy store).

Their lifetime rating is a disgusting 1.8 out of 10.

Let me know if you can find a better price than woot, where it’s not a scam.

Someone got to it first! Thank you! Yes, they’re an extension of such sites as Broadway Photo. Lots of grey market deals and such.

Says it has filters for RGB = one chip. Also, pretty scary warranty for a device with a tape transport. has it for $569 so it’s not a great woot

go ahead and order from them, and get ready for your worst consumer nightmare!

gee, we’re sorry mr. scottyrog but you ordered the Japanese version of this camcorder- if you want the American version that’ll be extra. and if you want a power cord that’s extra too. oh, you need a/v cables? that’ll cost you. what? an owner’s manual? sure, we can include that for a small fee. don’t forget the battery, that’s essential and can be added to your order, no problem hey that’s why we’re here, to help! while we’re at it, did we mention the special that we’re running right now? yes, if you purchase component video cables and a usb cable for your camcorder, we can throw the remote control in for only $20 more! aren’t you glad you ordered from us today?

check out to find more about these “Preferred Photo” scumbags

that would be the canon dc-40, currently available on eBay and amazon for only a little more than woot was charging

Nahman42 lives in California it looks like.
Hollywood doesn’t want competition.

Found tons of reviews, averaging 4.4. stars on Buzzillions…