Canon Inkjet Office All in One Printer

Canon Inkjet Office All in One Printer

I own this printer, it is the devil incarnate. It has massive problems with keeping its wifi connected that are intrinsic firmware issues that Canon refuses to address or fix. You’ll have it connected to wifi, but mid print suddenly your pc or mobile device will be unable to connect to it.

Also, if you get a printing jam, it’s impossible to fix because the paper rollers are not all accessible. I had a small portion of an address label jam and adhere to one of the plastic paper feeding pathways that was inaccessible to me. It jammed everything, wouldn’t clear and I had to disassemble the hulking monstrousity to clear it which took an hour.

After it was reassembled it was broken, constantly thinking it was open and would not operate.

Seriously this printer is a flaming piece of poop DO NOT BUY IT!!

and I got mine for $90, same model Pixma 922.why spend this much for this awful thing? Stay away!!

Agree! I have one that I purchased less than 3 years ago, that I also paid $90 for at the mother ship. At some point last year, the printer head for the main large black cartridge just stopped working, so it can’t print text anymore. It only prints in photo mode, which uses all the colors and the smaller black cartridge. When i run out of the ink, it’s probably getting junked for a color laser all in one!