Canon PC170 Personal Copier



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Canon PC170 Personal Copier
$89.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

Product List:

  • 1 Canon PC170 Personal Copier

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this one doesn’t give me the mondays… still got useful linkage w/ comparison links… hotness personified… or something… thanks woot.


MM. Nah. THanks, but not big enough!


15 bucks after rebate?! Hells yeah!


Nice woot. However what am I going to do with just a copier?


Igot a one already


$14.99 You can not go wrong.

Normally I stick with HP products, Yet not a problem with Canon in years.


These are really useful - I have one, and it saves a TON of time. It beats a multifunction printer/scanner/copier any day due to inkjet vs. toner prices.


How much do replacement toner cartridges cost?


Froogled (Now Product Search on Google)



Manufacturer link

Good luck!



wow, that’s funny, I just saw this thing selling for free after rebate on amazon last night.


Oh man, this was the one that was -$0.01 on amaz0n earlier today. Too bad I missed out on that deal. Maybe time to go w00t.


22 Sconds until the first copy time!? I’ll wait until they have a 21-scond model.


Review it for us please.


Track Woot Checker

Why not get some pricegrabber, amazon and froogle links before clicking that big I Want One button.

Also sellout woot checker for those of you interested in that product. =)


4 pages per minute? <yawn>


Got this off of amazon yesterday. $.01 after rebate.


got 2 of these… free after rebate … but regardless… no worries on the rebates…