Canon PIXMA All-in-One Printer & Software Bundle

any good

I purchased this a couple of weeks ago. Printer showed up, but the Software Bundle Download Codes never did. Listing says it ships separately, but nothing yet. I have emailed Woot 5 times and CS just says I can return it or call Canon. I called Canon and they say they have nothing to do with Bundled Software and to contact Woot. Woot CS is clueless and brushes me off. I would be very careful you might be getting just a reconditioned printer and no Software Bundle. Maybe this post will get someone’s attention.

Not certain why Woot CS was unable to assist you with obtaining the codes included within the order.

I’ve gone ahead and forwarded your post and information along to Woot Staff to help investigate the issue.

Thanks for chiming in, but my 5 emails have been fruitless. CS just sends back pre-canned responses and now I have been sent a return label. What blows my mind is that nobody seems to want to help the customer. What’s completely crazy, is that the item after selling out a couple of weeks ago is now available again with the same software bundle. Am I the only one that didn’t get my download codes? If its for sale again, SOMEBODY has to know the answer? I just called Corel and their CS rep laughed and said I needed to call Woot and she gave me your phone number. And of course, you know that is a waste of time because nobody answers your phones. Just another customer chasing their tail.

This printer can be bought brand new (well, the mg3520 variant) every day for $40 from OfficeMax/OfficeDepot.

Have sent 6th email to CS and still getting a run-a-round. Looks like the Woot employee above has had no luck helping me either. Pretty sad if you ask me.

It sounds like we recently sent you an RMA/shipping label so you can return it to us for a full refund since we do not have any to send to you and you did not want the partial refund we offered.

I can’t believe you just said we don’t have any more to send when you are commenting within the very listing where you are selling more of them. The Software Bundle from Corel is advertised as coming with the printer, but ships separately. Woot shipped me the printer, but cannot provide me with Corel Software bundle. Your comment just proves my point. Thanks!