Canon PIXMA Inkjet Photo Printer w/ 20 Pack 8x10 Photo Paper

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Don’t have this guy. Do have the Pixma MP530 and have excellent photo printing. (And it works with Linux.)

Not the same printer.

I think that the 20 pieces of Photo Paper might be worth the money.

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Obligatory Amazon post with decent reviews:

Review that says it’s not bad for the money:

Maybe I should buy three since ink would probably end up costing more than 20 dollars and as far as I know it includes ink.

When buying a printer, remember: with cheaper printers, the more you print, the more they’ll cost you in the long run. If you print a lot, this is a BAAAAAAD printer.

Not a bad price. Amazon has it for $34.98 with free shipping.

Watch out on the ink refills. The black cartridge is $15.94 and the color cartridge is $17.99. You would be better off buying three printers here w/ ink and holding two printers in reserve, huh?

I’ve come across a few of these. They are what they are: a good entry level printer that prints decent photos for people who don’t need to be serious about their printers. I’m pretty sure the first ink refill will exceed the price of this. A great buy if you can’t afford a fancier one.

Review at


PIXMA iP2702 Product Page

PCWorld Review (2-1/2 Stars)

Can this be turned off? I get it right when I take the picture and don’t want some firmware “helping” me out.

Please, please read this if you but it. Note that it doesn’t come with a USB cable. I’m sure most people won’t read down that far and will be upset when the get it. You’ve been warned. :slight_smile:

does anybody know if this will support 220 volts? or will it be for 110v only just like my HP printer

“Print photo lab quality from 4” x 6” up to 8.5” x 11””

Hmm, last time I checked, my photo lab was not printing inkjet.

This paper is $9 at Amazon, and it’s more expensive locally for me. If this used the ink cartridges that my PIXMA IP5000 uses, I’d take three, just for the paper and ink.

Why even buy a photo printer when I can take my photos to Walmart and have them print it for cheap on a machine that costs a few thousand dollars?

Home photo printers make no sense as far as I can tell.
Someone please enlighten me.

The manual says “AC 100-240 V” for what it’s worth.

I’m not a computer expert, but I would assume that you could use any program that can send a picture to a printer and bypass the Canon software.

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