Canon PIXMA iP6210D Photo Printer



Compare prices…
SecretPrices $39.99 AR ($29.99 Marketplace)

PriceGrabber $39.99 AR ($58.94 Regular)

Froogle $54.99

Make sure you see the Woot $30 rebate or here’s another working mfg rebate link.


Just bought a Lexmark P4350, best printer I’ve ever bought, plan on keeping it for a while. Thanks but not tonight…


ooooh…i wonder if i can hook up my old school a50 powershot to this bad boy :slight_smile:


I go to college. The land of free printers…
Off to bed late again.
But good woot.


no woot for me.

i already have pictures of little idiots carrying canteloupes.


Can’t beat a $20 printer. Here’s the woot I’ve come to know and love!


I think this is the first time i’ve actually found useful links on comparison sites that actual comes very close to woot. So make sure you check all your options. etc. etc.
Shopzilla … LOWEST $59

MSN Shopping… LOWEST $80

BizRate… LOWEST $59

Epinions has 2 Reviews

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i wonder how many of those full size pics u can print on one ink cartiridge? like 3 prolly


Can I use this to print my own money?


Nice printer. Too bad I already have one :frowning:


Is this a deal or what?


I may be weird. Hell, I know I am, but I really see no need to actually print the photos I take.

Oh, and, yes, we all saw the Dirt Devil, since you’re going to ask.


Not much more expensive than a set of new ink cartridges for my current low-end printer - may be worth it.



I didn’t know anyone still made a printer without a bunch of other crap like scanners built in…


AM I the only one who refreshed and got the vacumn/sweeper again and again and …

Pass on this one, just bought a nice printer.


Would this be practical as a regular inkjet also? (For black text, line art, etc.)


Can this printer print regular paper stuff or does it only print photos?


great wootcast… bravo


is that 49 with a 30 dollar rebate making it 19 + 5 = $24 printer???