Canon PIXMA Wireless AIO Inkjet Printer

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Canon PIXMA Wireless AIO Inkjet Printer
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Canon PIXMA MX472 Product Support

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Does the scanner on this model refuse to work without ink? I had a different model PIXMA and won’t recommend them unless Canon fixed that issue.

Check out this “good” review over at and very good reviews (4.5 out of 5.0) over at

A couple of links to some ink cartridges on the mothership…

CL-241XL (Color XL)

PG-240XL (Black XL)

The Office Depot page states it does not support auto duplex printing - you have to print all of the front sides, load the paper back in the tray, and then print all of the back sides.

I’m guessing by “starter ink cartridges” they mean cartridges with enough ink to print a few pages, and then you better be buying their regular print cartridges?

Last time I bought a printer (not this specific model) the starter cartridges were about half full. I got several(30-40) high quality photos out of them.

any idea how this work with Mac? i read one review on the bestbuy site which said that it was not friendly at all, any experience with that?

It is quite possible. Many printers refuse to go out of “diagnostic” mode until cartridges are present. However, there is good news. There are inexpensive devices you can get the will reset the chip on the cartridge to fool the printer into thinking they are full. These are used by people who refill the cartridges…

Cool…but what are the devices called and where are the devices available please ?
Thanks :slight_smile:

I’ve had two inkjet printers in the past and won’t ever go back. Laser is so much faster and the toner lasts forever in comparison. I only print a handful of pages a week and found the ink cartridges would dry up quickly and had to be replaced after a few dozen pages (about once every 2-3 months in my case).

My last Laser (a Samsung ML-2010) came with a starter toner that lasted me three years. I replaced it with a generic cartridge that was still going strong five years later. I finally replaced the printer with a Canon multi-function because I wanted duplex printing and a scanner with a document feeder; it was only $125 on Amazon.

Unless you absolutely need color prints (and I don’t recommend printing photos at home - it’s always cheaper to have a service print them because of the cost of the ink), I can’t fathom why anyone would buy an inkjet printer anymore.

I have a PIXMA 6200 that is one of the best printers I have ever owned. It prints from my ipad and mac without any difficulty.

Can you print from a Samsung Galaxy phone when not connected to wifi?

If you’re just printing documents you’re correct - an inkjet makes no sense, but ordering prints from a service isn’t any cheaper than printing your own photos anymore. I picked up a PIXMA Pro - 100 new on CL for $120 (they’re still out there - they were $90 for a while after a mail in rebate). I’m still on the setup inks that came with it and I’ve printed 5 8X10’s and about 15 13X19’s. The quality is fantastic. The full Canon inks are $110-120 depending on where you get them and 50 sheets of semi-gloss 13X19’s (the Canon stuff) are just under $40 on Amazon. So far I would have spent about $90 plus on Adoramapix, and $150 or more from shutterfly on the prints. I still have about 2/3+ of every ink left. I’m saving quite a bit, it’s convenient, and I’m able to control the end result. I can’t say for sure but @ $40 this printer will probably pay for itself and then some before the first set of inks run out.

Don’t forget to calibrate your monitor! If your monitor is not calibrated the picture you print will not look like the picture on your monitor!

Since I didn’t see “refurb” I assume it’s new?

[MOD: Yes, it is new.]

With Google Cloud Print, yes, yes you can.

i have this printer. At least half the time, I have to restart the printer to get it to print wirelessly with my macbook or iPad. This has been the case configured with a number or routers, so I’m pretty sure its caused by the printer losing connection when it goes into sleep mode. Its not a showstopper, but since we keep the printer in an out-of-the-way room, its a bit of a pain to run and check to see if printing is working.