Canon PIXMA Wireless All-In-One Printer

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does this work with mac and linux?

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Picked up one of these on an Amazon deal a while back. Use it with my PC and my Mac flawlessly. Easy to set up, easy to use.

Not 100% on this but I don’t think all of the features will work on Linux

Here is part 1 of the review

It has some good reviews (4.7 out of 5) at

Amazon link here.

Very good reviews, and Amazon sells it for about twice the cost.

I got a guy on my ventrilo that says that the 5 ink system in this thing is stupid as f**k, and that if ANY of the 5 run out, you can’t print ANYTHING, including BLACK ONLY, until it is replaced.

If true, that’s got to be a deal breaker.


I have a Pixma MX300 that I bought refurbished. It works great. So that’s my thumbs-up to the brand.

I have two MP620 printers (similar to this model) and they work great. They are much better than the HP printer that I previously owned that broke 2 weeks out of warranty.

Anyone have one of these?



just bought it and I feel pretty good about the woot

Hey! Something I can talk about for once with some experience. This is a decent all around machine for your average consumer. Your average consumer. Don’t expect this thing to wow an office.

I have always preferred a printer that uses an ink cartridge for each color. I would hate to throw out a cartridge with ink for 2 of the 3 ink colors still full. I’d prefer separate cartridges for separate colors.

Is the cartridge refillable?

Reviewed at testfreaks

and retrevo