Canon Powershot 12.1MP Digital Camera



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Canon Powershot 12.1MP Digital Camera
$189.99 + $5 Standard Shipping
Condition: New

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I’m shot.
Goodnight TT.
Goodnight all.


Canon is not cheap but the price for a 12.1mp camera is not this high.


This is the SX230 HS which I own and gifted to family. I love its size, zoom. If you buy it - pick up some cheap 3rd party batteries on Amazon or elsewhere, its battery does not last too long.
It is a great camera, but its successor SX260 HS which came out in 2012 is about the same price

Note that next year’s model (2013, successor of the newer SX260 HS) is around the corner.


Night Larry. Thanks for hanging out this morning.


I really like this camera & I wish I could pony up to buy one but it wasn’t that great of a Christmas around here. I’ve owned two PowerShot cameras and both were phenomenal. This is a very good deal.

EDIT: Except, apparently, the successor to this is due out very soon.


I wish I was more into photography. I feel like this is a pretty good deal.


The price is too high for what you’re getting. The newer model is about the same price.


I want to stay up… don’t want to miss any woots… but so tired… work in the morning… D:


Woot!off killed by a canon.


Woot, you know we love you, but people clearly aren’t buying this because they know it’s not the right value for what it is. You might want to pull this deal and rethink it?


I wonder how many they have. Maybe I’ll buy it just to see what’s next?


Yep unfortunately


It’s been at 100% for ten minutes now, not looking good for this deal.


100% left. Good night.


Sold out without selling one?


Way to not encourage me.


If this was a 14mp camera then this would be a acceptable price.


Thanks for pulling it WOOT!