Canon Rebel T5i DSLR Camera w/18-55 lens

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Canon Rebel T5i DSLR Camera w/18-55 lens
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Huh! The T5i comes with the STM version of the kit lens? That’s a pretty nice bonus…my XSi only came with the previous version of that lens; the STM matters for sure.

The swing out LCD is going to become your best friend when attempting difficult shots. I had a Sony NEX where the LCD only goes up & down and when trying to make a shot of a flower from the ground looking up (macro) it just wasn’t working at all. This is what you need for odd shots as well as all your normal shots.

Does this come with Canon’s photo editing software?

4.8 Stars and more than 500 Reviews over at Best Buy

Finally!! The “i” model. Totally worth it. Great deal!!! Especially new.

To the commenter asking about canon edit software. Use lightroom instead.

I shoot with a t4i and absolutely love it. This is just the upgraded model to that one.

To the person commenting on the flip out lens. I use mine all the time for crazy angle shots on my tripod. And funny you mention it I also have a nex5n too.

My T2i has a max file size of 2GB, which sucks when shooting HD video because I can only get a few minutes in a single shot, such as setting on a tripod and recording a fireworks display.
I imagine that the T5i no longer has a 2GB file size limit? I read through the specs and didn’t see that particular stat mentioned.
Can anyone confirm that?

From the specs: ** If the file size exceeds 4GB, a new file will be automatically created.*

I’ve run into this limitation at times when shooting a long video, but if you time things right you won’t run into an issue. Worst case scenarios is when the file hits 4gb it starts a new file and then you need to stitch the video together later (with likely hiccup in the image/audio at the jump).

From the spec page:

“* If the file size exceeds 4GB, a new file will be automatically created.”

Edit: dangit, got beat to da punch! :frowning:

2 questions:1) Will a photo novice be able to pick this thing up and take decent pictures without needing a masters in camera mechanics?
2)Since there are different lenses, is the included lenses the most desirable available?

This looks like a great deal! I have the T3 with a few lenses and the T5i would be a huge upgrade.

I sold the T5i for Canon for a few months last year. It’s a really nice camera, and the touchscreen and swivel screen make it easy to set up more interesting shots.

It’s also pretty easy to use for beginners but also has enough features to satisfy prosumers or people who are stepping up from a base model DSLR. The only things I didn’t like was that it’s slower than competitors in adjusting white balance in auto modes and it’s rather slow to focus on live view mode.

I would compare this camera to the Sony a6000. The Sony is a nicer camera overall, but it lacks some of the features in the T5i, and the lens selection isn’t as nice as Canon’s.

Yes. Leave it in auto mode and you’ll get pictures that make your smartphone pictures look like junk. It has manual modes too, but Canon put a lot of useful tips and information in the firmware, so it will help you out if you’re new to a DSLR. Just remember to press the shutter half way to focus before pressing all the way to take the picture. Most novices get tons of blurry shots because they don’t realize they need to let the camera auto focus before taking the shot.

Included lenses are never the best. That said, most novices wouldn’t really need a higher end lens than the one included, and it’s not a terrible lens. Many people buy a telephoto lens to go along with the kit lens, but if you’re just getting started, I would learn how to use the camera before investing in a 55-250mm IS STM lens.

Pretty good deal although Abe’s has it cheaper right now. Still think these entry level cameras are overpriced. I can get a used 7D or 60D for this.

Just a note, that’s for without the included lens. If you don’t already have a set of lens at home, that’s something to keep in mind.

This is a great camera for budding DSLR photographers. Really good price, too.

DPReview gave it a good review:

I didn’t see it in the specs, does this model come with a remote clicker, or can a remote work with it?

Define what “decent” photos you want to shoot.

Weddings? No. Indoor action shots in gyms? Probably not.

Outdoor shots of many kinds, yes!

There ain’t no free lunch and if you aspirations are high, you need to invest some learning time. It will be worth it.

[And for God’s sake people, don’t buy the camera and hang out a shingle saying you are a professional photographer as so many people (fauxtographers) are doing.]

Your choice of lenses will depend a lot on the kind of photos you hope to take. What do you hope to shoot?