Canon Rebel T5i DSLR Camera w/18-55 lens

“Most novices get tons of blurry shots because they don’t realize they need to let the camera auto focus before taking the shot.”

More novices get tons of blurry shots because they don’t know anything about exposure and do not understand the limitations of their lenses and what they can and cannot do.

“Blurry” is a classic term that does not cover camera shake, subject movement, etc. that often stems from a slow shutter speed.

Thanks for the info. I’ll probably be doing mostly family event stuff and vacation photos. I’ve just been terribly disappointed with the landscapes I’ve gotten with my point & shoot camera, and the idea of taking so many shots per seconds enticing because maybe I’ll get some where everybody’s eyes are open.

I thought the same thing about the Abe’s price, and even tried to order there after the last Canon deal (Canon T5 deal from April 23, 2015). After placing my order, Abe’s called me to ask if I was sure I wanted the international version since the warranty was different.

Woot, is the this the USA version (SKU#: CNEOSRDT5I1855U, Part#: REBELT5I 18-55 USA) or the international version (SKU#: CNEOSRDT5I1855, Part#: 8595B003)

Does this camera bundle have a full USA warranty? If so, I’m in for one.

My local BestBuy ad has this on sale today for $699 - this Woot is a heck of a deal.

I have the T3i and love it. Easy to use, not too heavy, and yes, the flip-out screen is great for those oddly angled or down-low shots.

I think you will be fine!

I wrote the book “How To Use The Digital Camera You Just Bought” and in my classes we always needed to drill down to find out what people really wanted to shoot.

It started out with them saying “general photography,” but often ended up with hopes to get great nature shots of eagles and also the ever-present need for sports shots in bad locations.

These more challenging shots required special lenses and a good understanding of shutter speeds, f/stop and ISOs.

However, things are changing fast and this may soon not present any problems!

International version = “gray market” camera never meant to be sold in the USA and NOT covered by Canon USA service.

The cute little BenQ compacts I bought here were meant for sale in the mideast with service centers in Abu Dhabi…but those were $45 cameras, so it wasn’t as big a deal!

Hmm. I wish Woot had as great as a return policy as Costco.

We just picked up a Sony RX100 MII, but my wife wants to try a DSLR to compare.

I need to photograph jewelry and find I get shadows from the lens of these fancier cameras. Would this be good for close up pictures, and what extra lens would I need for this?

Can this camera be controlled from a smartphone?


My t2i can be controlled by my Samsung smartphone. As long as the phone has an IR blaster, it can act as a remote. As far as bluetooth capability, not sure.

Hmmm. I don’t know I can agree that it’s better than the Sony a6000, which is a mirrorless camera. The Sony has a better sensor, higher ISO, 11fps, wifi. True that the Canon has the touch screen and the swivel, which the Sony doesn’t have, and it has a better lens selection, BUT for an entry level (which both are) do you need a huge selection of lenses? Sony’s e-mount provides a good selection. I think the biggest thing for me is that Canon hasn’t redone their internal specs for a while now so they just feel older. I still think this is a good deal though if you want a decent entry level dSLR, but check out the Nikon 3300 and 5300 too.

Are you using a light box/tent?

Oh, just reread you post, is your shadow because you’re using the built in flash while also having a long zoom lens? You can try to switch to a shorter lens, or attach a flash with a diffuser attachment or that you can bounce the light off the ceiling.

I have a T1i. Are the AF and image stabilization lenses that came with the T1i interchangeable with the T5i? Is the lens with the T5i an improvement in technology over the kit lenses that came with the T1i?

I don’t use a tent or box as I have to have the jewelry at just the right angle so I hold it and crop out my finger. What would be the best lens. I have a canon powershot A630 but with 3 websites should upgrade.

Can’t you just use an alligator clip stand or something similar to hold the item in the light box? This seems like a cheaper kit than a whole new camera (assuming your current camera’s quality is still acceptable).

The powershot is from 2006, still takes nice pictures but I’m sure they could be improved with a better camera and pictures are so important with web sales.

Another question: - Does the swing out LCD work in auto mode? The LCD on my T1i does not.
Thank you

Not the same “i” model, but it is the Canon Rebel T5 series:

You get the body plus two lenses (18-55mm and 75-300mm Lenses) for $379 plus free shipping, but it’s a deal that runs out sometime tomorrow (20hrs +/- from the posting of this comment). I guess it boils down on if you really want a great deal on a good solid camera with two lenses, or a moderate deal on a slightly fancier model with only one lens.

What kind of batteries does it use?