Canon Rebel T6 DSLR Camera with 18-55mm Lens

This is a good camera, but I’m holding out for the day woot hopefully lists the T6i

Waiting for T6i

Agreed. Years ago I bought the Nikon D3200 which is far better than any Canon camera and all the lenses for it. I use to use Canon exclusively and Canon Inkjets. But Canon screwed the pooch with keeping the prices of the T6i artificially high. I mean come on T7i has been out for awhile now. And you can get a Nikon D3300 with 18-55mm lens for $399. While the Canon 6ti is $699@! I haven’t used my Canon t3i (which is almost as good as a T6i ) in 4 yrs. Grab some used lenses on Ebay & you will thank god you went Nikon.

This is not a bad camera but you can get more for your money with Nikon in this price range. Nikon offers 24MP compared to 18Mp and better low light performance. Nikon has also removed the AA filter on almost all of their DSLRs. Anti-aliasing filters are used to blur the lines between repeating patterns in order to avoid wavy lines (often referred to as moire). Nikon does this with the camera’s processor and software, yielding a sharper image. I suggest a Nikon 3300 or for a little more, the D5300. Both are great cameras.

Don’t listen to all the Nikon garbage. This is a great first DSLR camera. If you took the same pictures side by side with both brands you might, might be able to tell a very slight difference. Kind of like looking at a wall of TVs once your get your set home the comparison at the store means nothing.
Everything Nikon is more money, every accessory every lens. The return on investment just does not justify the cost difference.

I have a T3 - is it worth the upgrade, and can I use the same lenses?