Canon Rebel T6 DSLR w/ 2 Lenses

Canon Rebel T6 DSLR w/ 2 Lenses

$399.99 for just the camera on the Canon website. Also the same price for this combo refurbished through the Canon site, so the price seems good. I have this camera/lens combo. It takes great pictures. It’s easy to use. It’s survived a couple drops (damn kids). I’m not a camera snob. I’m sure they’ll show up eventually and tell you that this is a terrible deal, and that you should save just a little more to buy some $4000 model that takes exquisite photos.

Not a camera snob:

So, if you want to take your photography to the next level, I would ditch these lenses (maybe keep the long one) since they are average and buy a “nifty 50,” The Canon 50mm f.18 stm instead. Sell the lenses on eBay or something. All Canon (and Nikon FTM) are excellent, but the key to taking a step up is to get better glass. Now, you can spend thousands on better glass, and you will in time, but the 50mm f1.8 is a fantastic lens at a great price to start for portrait photography and just every day snaps. For $120 bucks, you can get a fast fast lens and really have some fun with it.

Does this camera have clean hdmi output? Or is it cluttered with all kinds of information boxes? I’d like to consider this camera for use as a streaming webcam, but only makes sense if I can get a clean image out of the HDMI port.

The video I get off mine is fine. Decent, but nothing to write home about. You could probably get equal or better for a webcam for much less than $400.

I’m a Nikonian, but this looks like a good deal for an entry level DSLR. With 2 decent/good lenses.
It’s an APS-C sized sensor (in Nikon speak it’s a DX). On Adorama, this deal comes in at $449

I own this exact bundle I picked up refurb direct from Canon on black Friday in 2017 for $299 shipped. I have never seen it priced that low since. $399 is a decent price for this bundle brand new. It’s the price that normally gets run for black Friday sales.

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Actually, the kit lens is quite serviceable on these. The 75-300 is widely considered the worst lens in Canon’s lineup. You WILL miss focus with it. A lot. Like, more than half your shots. The lack of IS on it makes it rather challenging as well. If you get into photography, the 75-300 should be the first lens you replace in this setup.

The 50mm on a crop sensor is NOT the all purpose lens it is on a full frame. It ends up as a great portrait lens, but you will need something wider for landscape and most indoor stuff. It’s still good, but won’t replace the 18-55.

Source: I have this camera, both lenses, and a nifty fifty.