Canon Scientific Calculator

**Item: **Canon Scientific Calculator
Price: $7.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard OR $9 Two-Day OR $12 One-Day
Condition: New

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20 bucks at Canon. Still a good deal from Woot, but, 39.99 list price - spank my monkey

I remember my father “borrowing” one of these from Bell Labs so that we didn’t have to buy a calculator for me for school 20+ years ago.

IIRC, it was $200-300 back then. $8 for the one on Sellout.w? MIND BLOWN.

This is a very good scientific calculator. Something this good was over $100 a few years back!

To you Woot guys that do the write up. If you don’t know what you are talking about just say so because you obviously don’t in this case.

Mark Rothstein, P.E

Professional Chemical Engineer