Canon Vixia 1080p HD Camcorder with 20x Optical Zoom

Be aware that this camera records EVERYTHING in faux 60i, meaning that everything will be interlaced. Interlacing, if you weren’t aware, is bad.

My guestimate is 25 of these bad boys

That makes no sense … it wouldn’t be a 1080 P - P for progressive not I for interlaced…

But beware, there are more 1 star ratings on this camera than 5 star

seems like good smart phones make point and shoot cameras and video cameras obsolete. doesn’t the new iphone have similar specs for the same price?

Uhhh faux 60i? That doesn’t make any sense. It records in true 60i, which is faux 30p. Semantics? Maybe. Big difference? Yes.

I don’t have one of these. And I’ve never had a problem with it.

No. This may not be a great video camera but it is light years ahead of cell phone cameras. The whole specs sheets only tell you so much about PQ. Just because a camera says 8mp doesn’t mean it will look as good as an 8mp standalone.

or just buy it from Canon. Every day price is the same $199

I recently bought the Canon Vixia HR32 for work. Used it last week and it has great image stabilization. Many advanced setting. It has every option I was looking for in a non-professional video camera.

awful camera quality. If I were to want to shoot good quality stuff, I think I’d just use my DSLR Canon 7d

Frame Rate:
60i, 24p Progressive (records at 60i), 30p Progressive (records at 60i)

24p is not actual 60i. That’s what I was talking about.

I dont think my old eyes can tell the difference between interlaced or progressive,all i know my brother has one and it looks awsome played back on my 1080p lcd tv,just as good as any dvd or movie in HD.If you want Blu-ray quality get something else.

and here goes the woot off

No matter what you think of its quality the price is awesome. Cheapest one brand new on Amazon is about $340 and used is around same price from a random seller. Great deal.

Yes. The woot! price is a bit… lackluster.

hope the tripod comes next…waiting for that.

This seems like it will be handy for my, umm, line of work.

Canon charges tax. Price does not qualify for free shipping altho I don’t know how shipping would compare with $5. I have 7d and 5dmkii but want something light and easy for my wife to use at the school where she teaches.

This seems like it will be handy for my, umm, line of work.