Canon Vixia 1080p HD Camcorder with 20x Optical Zoom



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Canon Vixia 1080p HD Camcorder with 20x Optical Zoom
$179.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: Refurbished

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Well That was a Time Warp…I refreshed the page and the Santana Hat popped up!

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Is this going to sell out in 10 seconds as well?


It’s just a jump to the left…



I sure hope so.


Snagged one. At that price, the kids can play with it and leave mine alone!!


I know, I am just waiting for the next deal. :slight_smile:


everyone has a camcorder. unless this thing works in 100% darkness I don’t need it.


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Maybe this thing getting stuck for a while is my sign to go to sleep… It’s almost 4:30 am over here and I am still wooting… This site is taking over my life…


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EVEN if this works in 100% darkness I dont need it


CNET: 3.5/5
The good: Mic and headphone jacks rare in this price class; straightforward and functional design.
The bad: Poor low-light video and color accuracy; lens doesn’t focus very closely; subpar battery life.
The bottom line: If you’re looking to shoot great HD video on the cheap, keep looking; the Canon Vixia HF R series delivers decent video at best, even for its modest price. But for a low-priced model with mic and headphone jacks, the HF R100 is a pretty good deal.

Photos and image samples:
Canon Vixia HF R10
There’s a lot to like about Canon’s entry-level Vixia HF R series of “high-definition” camcorders, such as its user interface–which is better than that of its more expensive sibling–and its mic and headphone jacks, which are a rare find in this camera class. But these models give me flashbacks to the early days of HD when everyone was taking old, relatively low-resolution sensors and up converting from 1,440x1,080-pixel resolution, either in software or in hardware, to real HD 1,920x1,080-pixel resolution.

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these are obsolete with the iPhone in todays’ world.


and then a step to the right


Being I have a dozen batteries that will fit this, I am in.


I am disturbed that you would spend this kind of money just to keep your kids away from “yours…” you must have a TON of disposable income and very unruly kids to have to pacify them in this way.


Will you adopt me please?


A fan! But…do You have the actual Instruction Sheet for doing the Time Warp, from the Rocky Horror Show (before it was a Picture)…at The Roxy, 1973!!! Nothing ever leaves my house!