Canon Vixia HR10 High Definition Camcorder

That’s correct. There’s no mic input, and no headphone output for monitoring. Canon doesn’t include these (IMHO essential!) features in its lower-end consumer cameras.

Good complete review here:

I have the tape based contemporary versions of this camera (HV-10 and HV-20). Image quality is great, but the DVD recording limitations of this model will be a hassle (this model won’t record video to SD card).

While it is true that at the highest bitrate (12mbps) you can only get 15 minutes on a single-layer disc and 27 on a double-layer disc - the other bitrate modes are still quite high quality.

Both 9mbps and 6mbps should still look quite good. So you can definitely record a higher amount of minutes for a negligible loss in quality.

I am not a fan of camcorders that use discs though - because it is very easy for the discs to get scratched / get off rotation if you happen to be in a car and hit a speed bump or if you are at a concert and get pushed a few times by the mosh pits.


“Our conclusion is this: if you want a high definition camcorder, don’t even consider DVD for the time being.”

Just remember that the review was based on the MSRP of $1199, not on the woot price. I suspect their review would have been quite a bit more positive at $299.

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