Canon Wireless AIO Business Printer

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Canon Wireless AIO Business Printer
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I’ve owned this printer for a couple years now and it has been a great printer and scanner. One feature I especially like is the ability to print on CDs and DVDs that are made to be printed on. I would recommend this printer for people that use their printer regularly. I have wondered if my ink cartriges have evaporated during periods of unuse. That concern has only been with aftermarket non Canon cartriges. I have not used the name brand ones enough to comment on those. Overall, I think it’s a good multifunction printer.

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We own this printer, bought at full price from a big box store shortly after it was first released (2013). Our previous one died at a really bad time, and we were desperate. This seemed to be the best option at the time.

Decent printer, color is good, fast, reasonably quiet, wi-fi scanning has been useful. Haven’t used it as a fax.

However, lately it has been experiencing periods where the PCs (a new Asus RoG laptop and an old Dell Optiplex 755, both running Win 10) have not been able to recognize it. Infrequent, but annoying when it happens.

I have been able to fix it by either:

  1. clearing the Wi-Fi settings from the printer, then reconnecting.
    Or, if that hasn’t worked:
  2. Deleting the printer and reinstalling the software.

Just got back from vacation, and the printer is not recognized again. Reinstalling the software hasn’t worked yet. I see it on the network, but the laptop can’t talk to it. I think the 2 most likely scenarios are a driver compatibility issue with Win 10, or the devices are connecting to different frequencies on my dual band router – ie, the laptop is on 5G and the printer is on 2.4G. Both frequencies are using the same SSID. I was thinking of disabling (or renaming) one band, to see if that would force everything to use the same frequency and play nice again, but I haven’t had a chance to try it yet. (UPDATE: I tried it. Success!)

Anyway, I do like this printer, but wish it did not have its hiccups. (Again, I don’t know whether to blame the printer, the router, or Win 10.) YMMV… and remember my printer is already 2-3 years old, as well, not fresh out of the box.

Hope this helps.

Bought my MX922 awhile back and tho I have only used it infrequently, have not had a single problem. Aftermarket cartridges are dirt cheap… bought 30 carts (6 sets) for $16 off eBay.

Does it fax?

According to the Specs tab under the Scanner heading, “Fax Modem Speed: 33.6 Kbps (Super G3 color FAX)” would imply that it does FAX.

That’s the only indication I can see without looking on the Canon website.

yes, it has a phone jack and a fax button. I’ve owned this printer for two years, but I have never used the fax feature. everything else has been great, it works well with iPads, and Canon is very proactive about letting you know in advance if their cloud-printing service is going to be unavailable (it’s never been an issue for me).

We’ve had this printer for almost 2 years. Good printer.
Nice feature is it can scan items as jpeg not just pdf. Scanned photos have very good fidelity. Even 90 year old ones.

Does this scan to searchable PDF?

I have had this printer for 5 months. I want to throw it out a window. It loses wireless connection with win 10 constantly. You have to reinstall the drivers. It takes 8-9 minutes to warm up to print a single black and white page. Have been a longtime canon printer fan. This one just sucks!

Does the scanner work when the ink runs out? My old Canon does not, I need the scan function more often than the print function.

I too paid full price for this printer. I agree that it does lose wireless connectivity at the drop of a hat, but what really turned me off was how quickly the cartridges run out. That glossy black one sucks right down and then I couldn’t print without replacing it. The cartridges are pricey as well. I replaced with an HP which was much less expensive and works well and the ink life is impressive. No wonder this one is so cheap now (I paid $199)

Yes it does.

Yes it does.

I also have frequent connection problems with my Canon printer after upgrading to Windows 10. Mine is a Pixma MP450. I am looking for an upgrade but considering previous comments it seems that Canon still has Win10 compatibility problems.

I had this same problem on an older wifi AIO and when I gave the printer a static I.P. address the problem went away. However, this was with Win 7, not 10.
I have the Pixma 880, with dynamic I.P. and have not had a single problem with it running Windows 10.

Just to add an additional viewpoint, I had the previous model of this printer (and two canon printers before that one) - it was ok, however it is very bulky, it took forever to prime itself to print its first page after sitting idle, and went through ink pretty quickly even though I don’t print that much. The printer head finally failed and it would have cost far more than a new printer to fix it so I got a $40 Epson with a small footprint and am much happier. The only thing I miss is two-sided printing.

My overall point is, think about how much and what you really need to print before getting this somewhat beastly printer.