Canon Wireless AIO Printer

3.5 stars in 100+ Reviews

check out this review from pcworld

Is this Airprint compatible? I had a Canon PIXMA that wasn’t and had to print from an ipad using screen shots and a Canon printer app.

I found cheap printer cartridges for mine at but mine were individual colors, not tri.

Fixed Video - not much to it, but it has a fancy song!

From the features:

AirPrint: Take advantage of Wi-Fi connectivity and print what you see on your compatible iPad, iPhone or iPod touch to a compatible Canon PIXMA Wireless All-in-One. Print photos, emails, web pages and other documents directly to these devices whether you’re in another room or in a different section of the house. No need to install drivers, saving you time and creating a seamless user experience

I’ve had poor success in remanufacturing the ink for this printer (the PG-240/CL-241 cartridges). Unlike their earlier cousin cartridges (PG-30/40/51/210 and CL-31/41/51/211), the printers seem to have spotty luck with accepting refills.

Expect to buy retail ink for some time if you buy this machine.

“Windows® 7, Windows Vista® , Windows XP and Mac OS® X v10.4.11 to v10.6.x”

Does that mean it will for sure NOT work with my Mac OS 10.8.2?? Anyone with Lion or Mountain Lion here have one of these?

After a terrible experince with an Epson printer that lasted less than a year. I then purchased a Pixima i3000, it was the best printer I ever had and lasted me many college term papers and several years after college until my husband killed it. I came home to ink all over my white wall, ink all over my husband and a printer that was no longer operable. To this day he refuses to explain what went wrong with my beloved printer, so I site operator error. Based solely on the brand and my past experience I am in for one!

I’ve had one of these for a while now. The ink does not last very long, technically, and I fill with 240XL cartridges; I do a lot of B+W printing. But here’s the thing, it keeps printing when the black ink appears out. I just keep printing until things are faded and I don’t trust the gauge shown on the printer/PC. All in all it feels like a good and trustworthy printer to me, although if you shop around, there may be other, more stingy/frugal printers out there.

I think I just answered my own question. I went to the Canon website after looking at an Amazon review and found all the necessary drives I can download for Mac OS X 10.8.2.

This also has what you might need to download to use AirPrint (under Drivers & Software, select your OS and then click on Firmware):

The Canon site has what you might need to download to use AirPrint (under Drivers & Software, select your OS and then click on Firmware):

I have an MG4100 that I’ve had for about 2 years now and I’ve been very happy with it. The wireless printing was easy to set up and I can print from my laptop or my iphone without having to leave the comfort of my bed.

I’ve seen $50 AiO printers from several companies lately that get good reviews but also are unchallenged for cartridge supply by 3’s parties.

And as indicated above, replacement inks, good for 300 pages, may cost nearly as much as the printer. Hmm. That must mean…

I’ve had three Pixmas over the past several years and loved them. If you are really going to crank out a lot of full-color printing like I do, look into a CISS from in Australia. They are a bit pricey to start with, but the ink is far superior to even the official Canon inks. (One of my printers hasn’t had to be cleaned in over three years; the ink is that pure.) And eventually, it’s about 10% the cost of even generic inks. The system has paid for itself many times over.

Does the code TAXSUCKS still work?

Sounds like kinky husband “violated” the poor printer in your absence… :slight_smile:

Not for me. I first found this out yesterday, during the Wootoff. I’m still arguing with Woot staff over this because invalidating TAXSUCKS was never announced. I went with the purchase anyway, thinking that there was a system error. But the staff said that the code was no longer valid. Had I known that, I may not have made the purchase since other places may have sold the item for about $5 more but didn;t charge tax – and offer refunds (which Woot doesn’t).

Thanks for the info. Yup not going to pull the trigger on it. Taxsucks Cover-Up! What happened to you Woot. I thought you were someone I could trust.

We’re really bummed but we’re no longer able to offer that code. Don’t hurt us! :scared: