Canon ZR100 Mini DV Camcorder



pricing for future reference

product(s): 1 Canon ZR100 Camcorder
condition: Refurbished

$159.99 + $5 shipping


great woot for thursday… don’t you agree?.. almost the weekend time… and here’s useful linkage w/ CSE links… they’re usually reasonably useful…


Had one. Work very nice. Paid ~ 290 New for mine to capure life moments.

Batteries last quite sometime.


Seems like a good deal, but not an HD model! No need for this, NEXT


For a cheap late Christmas present for each of the kids, this wouldn’t be a bad deal…


do pictures get stored on the tape as well?


I got a ZR 500 for nearly same price during a woot off. Love it.


I have been wanting to buy a video camera… please someone help me out is this is a decent camcorder?


You can get a brand new one for only $20 more online. Pass


Used on Ebay sold for about $80

Long eBay links will be punished with trout slapping


For $250 you can get a hard drive JVC brand new and not a refurb with almost twice the optical zoom.


Apparently no longer available at amazon:

However at least its reviews seems to be good.

Edit: OK, for $30 more you can get ZR800 at


Pretty pricey for a refurbished item like this with pretty low end specifications. Good for kids to play with, I guess?


Got this a few years back, filmed 2 tapes worth but now it won’t load a tape, beeps and spits it back out… had it for a couple years but didn’t use it too often so I was suprised when it stopped working. Does not take still shot pictures just video. Was a nice camera and did what we needed, hopefully we can get it fixed.


good review of the product


I have one and it works great! This price seems very good. I haven’t had a single problem with ours. Works every time we need it and holds a great charge!


I have another camcorder in the line with this one. It is a nice value based camera. It is very limited in low light. Sound quality is about adequate. Otherwise, its good for capturing the typical stuff that amateurs capture. If you want HD, you weren’t fooled into thinking you can get it for this price. If you want a value camcorder for screwing around the home and office, this one fits. Price is adequate.


Take it from an industry professional, JVC does NOT equal Canon, in the same way that RCA does NOT equal Klipsch.

I have beat a Canon XL2 and GL1 to death and still had zero problems. I have seen (and experienced) JVC video products that die on the first use.

FWIW, Canon is not really used in the industry either, their highest end stuff is still prosumer. TV stations shoot on panasonic or sony. But Canon is next best in my humble opinion.


Here’s a link to the manual: ZR100IM-EN.pdf