Canon ZR100 MiniDV Camcorder w/20x Optical Zoom



oooh. CNET really likes this one a little…


$139.99 + $5 shipping

1 Canon ZR100 MiniDV Camcorder w/20x Optical Zoom


Can this connect using firewire to a pc or mac ?


OH MY GOSH I have been wanting a camcorder from woot for FOREVER!! Is this one any good?? It’s a canon, so it can’t be that bad right? I know it’s mini dv… Anyone with experience??




hope its good, i needed one anyways and for that price who really cares

in for 1


Yes, it has a Firewire port.

Dammit… I should have waited a month… it was $160 last time.


So what do you think of it? Is it worth this price? Or should I go buy an HDD camcorder when I find one for sale?.. I plan on alot of editing, so I am not sure how great minidv is for exporting and all that jazz


This goes really well with the Circuit Breaker at Circuit City today…


Review -

Actually, a pretty good one for a first impression overview - no data yet re: reliability. (I’m not in for one - have three Sony camcorders and 1 Sony HD - so I may not look - do your own homework).


I have the ZR200. Basically the same camera as this, only the 200 has a SD card slot and can take video and pictures directly to SD card. Not really all that useful of a feature, as it (obviously) won’t take the best still pictures, at least not compared to a digital camera.

As for the video camera, it’s great. It does everything you’d want a camera to do, has a good widescreen mode (anamorphic), and takes excellent quality video. Get a standalone DVD recorder with DV firewire input and it’s a piece of cake to create a DVD of your videos.

Highly recommended, and the price is decent enough, but perhaps very slightly on the high side for somewhat older technology that’s re-certified. You likely won’t be disappointed with the quality though.


Thanks for the info. Now I just have to see if I can afford it right now… being a poor college student sucks. I’ll sleep on it I guess… ugh Thanks alot woot for putting this up when I have 850 dollars to pay this week :frowning:


This is a great deal. The lens on the ZR series cameras are much better than any you will find on other makers cameras. The glass plays an important role in capturing a nice image. The zooms are smooth and ease in and out of shots nicely. If I didn’t already have one of these cameras (older model), I would pick one up.
The mini DV format is very solid. You will like this camera if you buy it.


I bought a ZR500 reburb from Woot about 6 months ago (I think it was $180). I’ve never had any problem with the hardware. I have a bucket of tapes that I have yet to transfer to my hard drive, so I have no opinions on that.

Judging from the screen on the camcorder, it doesn’t seem to do well in low light - but what camcorder does?

Easy to operate, light and small. Definite BUY!


I’m VERY interested in getting one of these, but I’m worried about the refurbness. I’ll sleep on it…


Dec 20, 2007 1:01 AM
pricing for future reference

product(s): 1 Canon ZR100 Camcorder
condition: Refurbished

$159.99 + $5 shipping

This is from an earlier woot…


I was just about ready to order, then realized that there is no remote control for playback. Also, no jack for external mike.


its a good camera I have the same one. but I dont have a firewire port so it sucks that i cant get it on my computer without buying an extra $100 part for my laptop… anyway, its a good camera does the job you want it to.


One thing to remember about the reviews, they were rating it as a $500 camera not a $150. It would probably score a lot better against cameras in that price range.