Canon ZR800 MiniDV Camcorder



Canon ZR800 MiniDV Camcorder

$99.99 + $5 shipping

condition: Refurbished


Great woot!

“light, easy to carry, great sound, great in dark places even outdoors, fun…for travel”

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Retail price range $159 - 198


Another Canon MiniDV Camcorder Refurb. Wow.


I used this camera for the birth of our latest child. Too much Zoom!
Firewire output made editing PG-13. I would suggest buying an extra battery.


I’m confused, what’s the button battery for?


Does this mean it doesn’t record well in dark conditions? I need to know… :wink:


3.5 stars on Amazon…

6.6 on CNET…


great camcorder. Despite the description, i found it to be great, and especially for this price!! I shot this video with my ZR800: it’s pretty good for the price.




Would of been better if it had decent reviews.


I really want one of these. Think it should be a bit cheaper because of the refurb, though.


seconded… Typically that’s for the remote that isn’t said to be included…


I bought the ZR500 for $70 more last year on woot. Good camera, but does not do well in low light. Still, a great deal.


Not bad! (and good skating too! :wink: ) What’s the average battery life on this? Seeing you’ve used this


The button battery is probably for the clock/date.


it’s lasted me for about 5 hours of continuous on and off shooting. Meaning i’ll shoot some, turn it off, turn it back on 2 min later, and shoot some more. Since i’m more of a photographer than anything else, i don’t know much about camcorder batteries, but for what i use it for the battery works out nicely. i’ve never had to stop shooting to go home and charge it. But what may work for me, may not work for everyone else. but i’m happy with it :slight_smile:


I would assume it’s for the Date/Time function.


I bought the zr500 and the 830 during other woots. these are great cameras. they come in a plain brown box but you’d never know they were refurbs. they both looked brand new and work great.


Could you tell if they were re furb ed by Canon or by an outside company?