Canon ZR830 MiniDV Camcorder with 35x Optical Zoom



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Canon ZR830 MiniDV Camcorder with 35x Optical Zoom
$129.99 + $5 shipping
condition: Refurbished
product(s): 1 Canon ZR830 MiniDV Camcorder with 35x Optical Zoom


Zooming are decent on this.


wow… good price… but refurb :frowning:


4.5 stars on Amazon

6.6 on CNET


Do I detect a Mythbusters 'stache?


Is this a 3 chip I keep hearing about? Are they really that good?


aw not ZR850, which is 10x better.


who is that Dali or don Quixoite?


what are HD camcorders going for these days? Anybody know?


Canon camera lineup

This model

Not obsolete just yet. Standard Definition .


Here’s a more detailed [link=]PDF[/link].


Well doesn’t this just suck. I bought the ZR100 off the Sellout.Woot site a couple of weeks ago, for $145. And when I got it, it didn’t even work! It’s back at Canon now being repaired, and now this comes along, cheaper. Thanks, Woot…


Firewire output to PC avaliable ?


I just bought one 2 weeks ago.
This is a better price.
Next time


Think, guys. This is brilliantly on sale today so you can maybe talk the wife into videotaping what happens Valentines’ night. Woot, you sickos.


Is this the same one they had on a week or so ago? I think it was a better price.


Duly Froogled.


I bought this camera new 6 months ago to take home movies of my new daughter. The picture, zoom, and widescreen are great. However, if you are filming a quiet scene with not much ambient noise you can clearly hear the whine of the tape being picked up by the microphone. It really doesn’t bother me that much and the price is certainly right.


20 bucks more for new. no thanks