Canon ZR850 MiniDV Camcorder

Very nice info… thanks for posting this!

Anyone who wants quality, but doesn’t want to go DVpro, or equivelant.

DVD Camcorders are actually sub-par to miniDV. Hard-disk cameras are still have a ‘beta’ feel to them, as they still need alot of work to be utilised in the professional world.

Anyway, DVD Cameras are junk. Never buy one.

So it’s $15.00 dollars cheaper. It is sold out of New York so you folks in Texas won’t be charged Tax if you buy from them instead.

I thank Hemimudslinger for his/her bad math and english for saving me some cash.

Here’s the link…

I’ve got a bunch of SD cards too - but from what I can see in the manual, this will record Motion JPEG clips at a max res of 320x240 at 15fps in mono. Page 93 in the manual. That’s useful on occasion, but does not replace recording to tape (which would be 720x480 at 30 fps or really 60 fields ps and with a lot less compression and with stereo sound).

Yer pushing it… that “store” is highly UNrecommended, see above.

Eh, even knowing this, i’ll still keep the purchase. It’s still a nice camcorder for the price.

Good luck with your purchase. Make sure it comes with a battery, that seems to be the ongoing problem with that company.

That site has a lifetime rating of:

Lifetime Rating: 0.65 / 10

My ZR800 has no noticeable motor noise on its recordings. This would have the same motor. I saw some reviews, for all three models in the 800 series, some noting noise and some saying no noise. That’s all I know about that; mine’s OK.

It is. I wish woot would let me trade mine up for this one! But I don’t need two video cameras and the 800 has been ok for me.

Are you an employee of camera addict???

Look at the reviews for them. They are scammers!!!

I think I may actually buy this. I don’t own a camcorder and have been waiting for one at a good price, with decent ratings, that’s not a refurb.

I assume I’ll be boring America with video of my cat within a week of receipt.

Not being much into painting self-admittedly goat-sacrificing witches in a positive light, my favorite series of Whedon’s is of a different genre.

“Burn the land and boil the sea, you can’t take the sky from me.”

In for one.
I’ve had my eye on these Canon ZR series for several months.
bonus that it’s not refurb.

Oh, and we use three Canon MiniDV camcorders (older models) for church. I edit the video after-the-fact for TV. (It’s a fairly small church; we don’t record live like the bigger places.) We do need external mic inputs though, to bring in mixed audio.

No, I am not employed by cammeraaddict. I did not buy from them after reading the very helpful and informational posts as to the terrible business they practice.

It would have been much better and more helpful if instead of flaming the original post of the bad english and math if the reply had been about the company that had a cheaper price being the bad company that they are.

Isn’t that what the Internet’s all about? Flame first, clarify later? :slight_smile:

It sure is…
no harm done. Woot is one of the best places to buy from!

as we evolve I’d like to see all the emotion and misdirectected energy that goes into race/religious hate come to bear on the shoulder of spammers like yourself…

Same price on newegg for a recert version: