Canon ZR850 MiniDV Camcorder


this will sell

MiniDV = no

MiniDV is old tech…

i’d rather get a good hdd or flash camcorder

This is my unamused face.

Yes, all one of them did sell.

You would think they would go pretty quick. Its Nice. Its Canon and Its hella cheap but I dont need a camcorder

No need for a camcorder… I loves my digi camera. Ho’Carp. Anyone else think of Digimon?

Does it have an external mic input?

Bought one of these when they were on Woot about 3 or 4 months ago. Great little camera. No accessory shoe, though.

Looks like a nice cam!

Not bad. Not bad at all. Pick one up if you need a camera

Maybe they only had 1?

exact same price here:

And thats that. NEXT!

I’ll head to work now.


I wanted it. :frowning: