Can't fund NASA - but the idiots can fund television


And why exactly do we have to be forced to digital HDTV?


Thank you. I read this article, told my husband about it and he told me I was nuts, that couldn’t be true. I began to wonder if I read it right. The best part of digital is when the sound and picture aren’t synchronized, or when the picture breaks up into little squares.


yer welcome!

Your tax dollars at work!


You realize this is talking about digital tv, not HDTV. Huuuuge difference, especially in price. And if you read the article, I’m not really sure what your talking about when you say we can’t fund NASA? The money is going to come from the sale of radio spectrum that is freed up. I am never going to turn down 5 billion dollars reserved for debt relief, hell we could definately use it.


Paid for by the people that are forced to upgrade.



No, the are within radio waves which is reserved for analog television broadcasts is quite large and extremely valuable, and it can be sold, which is what they want to do.


since when did the Government get the ability to act in its best interests instead of listening to the people?


moving the TV bands will free up space for unified emergency services radio, that’s a benefit we can all agree on i would think…
if i remember correctly, the TV bandwidth is actually split in two, 'cause when they allotted it out originally, there were just the first UHF frequencies. then another radio came in (i think it was the FM band, actually) and after that they decided we needed more TV channels, so we got the VHF frequencies. to me that seems like a bit of a jumble to have your frequencies all separated like that… of course, i guess that still means the FM will be away from the AM…


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what’s wrong with that, they just want every person who watches TV to pay money to the big TV manufacturers so they can sell the frequencies off to other big corporations so they can make a fortune off of it. I’m sure the cable companies are going to continue charging extra for “digital” channels even after they are required

it’s more or less legalized extortion by big business, and we are paying


theres a reason they are doing digital TV. It takes up less air waves that could be given to emergncy workers and such. Not everything will be in HD, but everything will be digital.

Trust me, its a good thing. Maybe not quality wise, but logistically its a lot better