Can't log out of Amazon login to use Woot's login


I linked my Amazon Prime account, but it’s still charging me for shipping. I can’t seem to unlink my Amazon account to go ahead with the order. The site won’t let me check out without clicking an Amazon Pay button, but it’s not showing one. (It says my Amazon Pay session has expired.)


For the session expired issue, try refreshing that page 2-3 times. That should resolve it. We’re working with Amazon engineering to locate that issue.

If that doesn’t work and it charges you shipping, please use the Woot Customer Service form for assistance. They can look up your prime status and refund your shipping.


I have confirmed the typing issue is not only on Woot - I just remembered one other site that uses these forums and I just tried over there and same problem. So forgive me for barking at you guys about that. Most likely a problem with my computer. I’ll have to figure that one out another day. Thanks again for your patience.


@peaceetc I just did the following:

Logged out of Woot
Logged in using Login with Amazon
Made my purchase of those Mr Beam Nightlights because they look cool
Logged out
Chose Sign In and it’s insisting on making me log in with Amazon instead of letting me log in with Woot.

Is that what you experienced?


That’s it exactly.


I was able to place my order now. Thanks!


Ok, thank you! I’ve put in a ticket to the developers.

I got around it by clearing the woot cookies.

If you need help, tell me the browser you’re using.


I would appreciate it, thanks. I use Chrome.


Chrome is super easy.

Right-click on the lock to the left of the URL in the address bar:

Choose “Cookies”


It will show you a list of all cookies. Select and remove the woot ones:



Thanks, TT! I appreciate you taking the time to help me today, since I know how busy you must be. I got my LE crap so I’m back to Amazon’s login in now for any other goodies I might find.


Hi there. This annoying issue has been fixed. YAY!


Yay!! Thanks to the devs for tracking this down and fixing it.