Can't place an order

I’m ready to place my order but it comes up as “we you’ve been inactive for a while. for safety we signed you out.” in the amazon address book and pay. This is frustrating. It did this to my last order (3 days ago) when i signed in under my amazon account. What am I doing wrong? I love the stuff on Woot, but if this is going to keep happening…

We are working with Amazon Engineers on that issue. I’m very sorry.

Things to try:

  • make sure you don’t have anything blocking amazon cookies
  • refresh the page. On the 2nd or 3rd refresh, it may ask you to approve Amazon cookies
  • place the order with your woot account and contact woot customer service to refund your shipping

thanks for your help! I’ll try that.

Refreshing the page 2-3 times worked! Thanks!

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YAY! I’m sorry you have to do that. Amazon Engineers are still scratching their heads.

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