Can't Spell "Thermometer" Without "Mom"

Do you need the “covers” to use this, or can it be used without having to replace the cover with each use?

I am also interested in the answer to this question. Also, can you use any covers or do you need to use their specific brand?


I dont know about that but it would be groovy to know. Interested in the reviews…mothership has none.

Covers help in hygiene and stopping in the spread of infections. They are recommended. I am not a health professional. I see no reason why cleaning with disinfectant not being an alternative? I am speaking from an electronic engineering point of view and light cleaning with disinfectant should not harm the device. I repeat I am not a health professional.

According to the specs it has an ear or forehead option, thereby avoiding the insert cover problem. I know from testing that the Pyle Bluetooth Surface/Forehead Thermometer works without any kind of insertion or contact. I have a 5 month old daughter. I hope this information is helpful.

Do these really need to have Bluetooth?

As a health care professional, and if I were to use these in a clinical setting (like in my E.R.), one would and should use covers. If one was to use these at home, I think a simple wipe as suggested would be adequate. If you would share ear buds with your kids, then it is kind of the same thing. I think it is more of the skeeve factor with sharing ear wax.

The main reason I asked the question about covers is that I own a 15 y/o Braun ear thermometer for home use which will not work if a cover is not in place. If I keep this for family use, I would like to use it without covers, but do not know if it works without a cover.

Not really, unless you want to track the info with the app.

I apologize, thank you for your clarification. I tested these models prior to approval for manufacture and they do not require a cover to operate.

Is there a way to change from degrees C to degrees F? If this only gives output in deg. C i’m going to be disappointed…my calculation skills go rapidly downhill when i get sick.