Can't stay logged in

No matter what boxes I check I have to login everytime I look to make a purchase or even to view my past orders. This is certainly detrimental to making purchases of items that sell out in seconds.

I believe the system logs you out automatically ever hour for security. Are you having issues every time or just once ever hour?

No, it’s literally anytime I back out of the menu. So I can enter exit account settings and I have to log in every time. The box for “stay logged in” is always unchecked, I can check it every time I log in but it always unchecks itself.

PC or app? Cause I have this issue on the app all the time

It’s the app, android for what it’s worth.

Yeah i usually just go through the website on my phone, the app constantly logs off between stages or if you leave and come back, the website on browser usually keeps it logged in for a while as long as you don’t open more then 3-4 other tabs

I just got the app and I’m having the exact same issue, whether I log in via the forum section or in the settings portion.

I’ve had this issue since the new app.

It was also an issue on the old app. We’re working on it - expect an update within the next few weeks if all goes well.

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With a fix for image uploads too?

Oh boy. That’s something we should fix, but we’re not yet sure if it is an “us” bug or a forum software issue. But the auth issues are way more annoying to pretty much everyone so we’re fixing that first and it is a doozy to fix correctly. That’s the technical term.

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I’m not too worried about getting the upload to fix. I go through my browser if I need to do this. Just bringing it up again because it’s a known issue.

Login with Amazon isn’t working for me on the app. I generally get logged out after 5-10 minutes anyway but now I can’t login at all. Clicking the button just makes the screen refresh.

Yes, we are aware of the problem. Some of it is on Amazon’s side though.

Try removing the app from memory - on the iPhone, this is double-click home and slide up on the app. Not sure on an android device.

If that doesn’t work, you might need to delete cookies?