Can't Take the Sky From These

I want “I’m still free” on a hoodie so bad! I missed the sale the one time they had it on a hoodie, and have been holding out in hopes that it would happen again. Alas it is tank top and tote season though. Shall I just give in and get the shirt version? sigh Important decisions lie ahead.

I approve of this sale. Can’t Stop the Serenity hits my hometown (well, 90 minutes away from my hometown) next weekend and I am all set to go! Only problem is I can’t decide between two Whedon-y Woot shirts. I may have to go twice.

Looks like ‘Well Done’ is an homage to the Whedonverse. And is ‘Well Done’ supposed to sound like Whedon?

Here are the references I see:

  • Goggles: Dr. Horrible
  • Hat: Firefly (Jane’s)
  • Ring: ?
  • Alien Head: He wrote ‘Alien Resurrection’
  • Capt. America Shield: Avengers
  • Stake: Buffy the Vampire Slayer (Mr. Pointy)
  • Gun: Firely (Mal’s gun?)

I’m blanking on the ring reference. Anything else I missed?

You might try wearing one over the other and just removing the top one halfway through your time there.

The community experience kind of wanes once the movie starts. I was also pondering making my sister wear one in exchange for me driving.

The ring is almost certainly Dollhouse - the memory-transfer devise…

I wondered where dollhouse got to, but can’t recall the ring. Guess I’ll need a re-watch. Yay!

Would love a shirt for my son. His birthday is at the end of the month.