Cantilever Wall Mount for 32-50" TVs

Check out these commentsfor these back when they were offered in February.

Well, I didn’t really see any comments for these in that thread (on my quick scan).

Hey, they fixed the title. All of the previous ones said 23-50"

How easy are these to install, and what is a good way to hide the wires that an entertainment center would normally hide?

some additional picture over at

it looks like the specs on what size tv the mount can handle are all over the place online."+TVs

and yours of 32-50. somebody has to be wrong.

edit - the 32 part seems to match what some other sites have.

Check before you buy a TV mount. That’s the only place I ever go for them. They can’t be beat.

Ummm noooo. Shipping for a toner cartridge is $8.29 !

Why is there even an option for the color of the TV mount? You WON’T EVEN SEE IT!

Bought one of these during the previous sale to mount my 47" TV. Mounted easily enough and was perfectly level… as long as it was rotated flush with the wall. The further it extended toward the position in the product picture it ended up with as much as a 5 degree (very noticeable) tilt. I don’t really need it to extend so it’s not a huge deal for me, but be warned.

Objection, your woot-honor. Irrelevant.

The drooping is not uncommon for a single arm cantilever. The heavier the TV, the more the droop.

Nope. I have mine on a wall to one side of an archway. When you walk past, you can see it.

I have to say, Woot. You’ve gotten pretty cheap with the pictures. In the old; real; Woot days, there were good photos from different angles. These are just stock photos.

Great deal for those wanting to mount a bigass 100 lb LCD tv. Specs indicate that this [19 lbs] can hold (way off its center of balance at that) a tv [up to 135 lbs] that’s 7 times its own weight. It therefore seems like overkill to use all this steel to prop up most new 32 in LED’s (around 20 lbs). I bet “weaker” mounts will be increasingly available at far lower prices than this as tvs become lighter. The monster mount in the wootplus event holds up to 40 lbs and is less than half this price, both 100x100 VESA compliant.

Warranty on Vanguard website shows 10 years, not 5. Here is product link

I see that If It wasn’t exactly what I want, I could exchange it for something else In a store in Swaziland (where to buy link).

It depends on whether we are given a sample to photograph.

Any chance these lock into flush position? Looking for one for an RV and don’t need the TV flinging in and out over the bumps in the road…