Canvas Art: Adam Lister

I’m sorry, but these look like someone else’s artwork with a Photoshop filter applied and then printed out

Fan art out the yin-yang.

most of these are only 26x26 or 26x18…which is quite small. they must be photoshopped into the rooms, otherwise that couch is only three feet wide… WTF WOOT!

Agreed - I am quite confused. I love the Tardis one, but the specs say 26x18 inches and the pic makes it appear about 4 feet tall. Can someone on staff clarify please?

Sizes are as stated in the sale. The “lifestyle” shots are provided by the vendor. They sell bigger pieces on their site.

Surprise Surprise Woot is inflating the MSRP with yet another item.

Example: Starry Night here is listed as $59.99 down from $147 MSRP.

iCanvas lists the same size print as $99.99 MSRP.

So Woot has inflated the MSRP by 50% to make the discount seem better…

(also it is actually cheaper at iCanvas when you factor in the 55% off sale that ends today)

60% off using code ART60. I just went there and bought the other version of Superman “26x26”. $52 free shipping, so yeah these are a touch high.

I’m confused as to what this is made of. Canvas on a wood frame or wood block with canvas trim? The pic cannot be trusted as mentioned above.

These things look amazing but I am having a hard time convincing the misses of this fact.

they make my eyes hurt

Love them, but want the much larger size. Anyone know where I can get them?

26x26 for sale, 52x52 shown on the wall in the sample images. Nice.