Canvas Art Of Mikael B

Hello All,

I’ll be here to answer any questions regarding this amazing, ultra high resolution graphic art from renowned Danish artist Mikael B.

Inquire away!

Will natural light effect the color over time on this canvas? I plan to hang it in a room that received limited sunlight at certain hours.

Hi b1jnyc,

Nope, it will not. Our inks are made to last “100 years” without fade or tarnish. As long as you’re not hanging the canvas(es) outside in Phoenix, the color will hold.

Are there any real-life product photos of the Ice World II print available?
I realize that the ones Woot has up are just 3D renderings.

Hey DarthNinja,

I’ll upload a photo as soon as we print out our first.

In the meantime, check out the artist’s website for some close-up imaging: