Canvas Art: The Magic Of Hillary White

These twisted and improved art pieces are now relevant to my interests.

Finally, art that makes some sense.

I’ll be back for one of these. But first, let me go order a dreamcatcher.

Some of this stuff would give my grand kids nightmares. (me too)

These are all the things! So amazing! I want the entire collection. Can you guys make this some kind of bundle sale? Awesome work HW! I bow to your greatness.

2 problems with this sale…

  1. Every time I look at these I like a different one better.

  2. I don’t have enough wall space for all of them.

Seriously though, I’d be interested in a package deal for 3 or more…

Which ones did you buy?

Can I get a deal on five of these unframed? I want to use them in the back of some glass cabinets.

and to me010698, marceepauff, and others…

I don’t know if anyone from woot has answered your request but … if you look under the “Specs” tab you can get a hint of who will answer your questions.

Not sure if they still have PMs here, but if you can’t figure out what I am getting at, I just hate taking sales away from woot… I have posted previously about this kind of sale. f

Why do all the pictures portray the pictures as being larger than they are?

Ugh. I was HUGE into Voltron growing up and would SO buy that… but my wife wouldn’t let me hang it anywhere in our house. I need to build a man cave.

Sorry, we’re only selling these as shown.

Ugh! Not on my walls!