Canvas Art

oh, god, with 2 months to buy things I’m going to wind up with like, 7 of them.

I see you are ready for the size comparison questions this time.

Just wanted to add my 2 cents based on ordering 4 of the Canvas’ last time they were up for sale:

These things are AMAZING! Great quality, easy to hang with just two nails, and the prints look great hanging on my walls.

Highly recommended!


Christmas gifts to myself?

Oh yes!! So many designs so much time!! This is wonderful and terrible all at once.

Did anyone else end up getting the wrong one when their package arrived? Thankfully, woot customer service is very helpful, but I was very disappoint when I opened the package.

My wife ordered one and they sent her the wrong canvas. We were instructed to send the wrong canvas back and re-order our item. Then a few days later we were sent the SAME incorrect canvas. It’s a bit of a pain, but the problem is that now customer service says they don’t have any replacements to send us even though the event page shows our item is still not yet sold out. I hope we can eventually get our item.

Hello Alafax (and everyone else),

I’m from the manufacturer, and if you received a wrong order, we’re more than happy to replace it ASAP. Just email me at and we’ll get everything sorted out.

Ha! That’s the exact same thing I was just told from woot customer service. I’m really not happy with woot these days. I ordered three items two weeks ago. The art print was wrong, one item was cancelled after I waited a week and a half before asking why it hadn’t shipped, and the third (which was an add on item I wouldn’t have bought by itself) was delayed. This is ridiculous.

As an update, Matthew from ArtWall was very helpful, if anyone else runs into problems with their order, I definitely recommend sending an email to Matthew, Woot’s customer service is not very helpful (anymore).

I was also EXTREMELY happy with my direct contact with the vendor. Probably the best and quickest customer service I’ve ever received. Absolutely stellar.

Now I just need to make sure I get refunded for the two incorrect canvases I just sent back to Woot.

I feel so cheap for not being able to afford $50 for a 14"x18" canvas print, and terrible because I want so many!! Reading Rocket would look perfect in my boyfriend’s sons’ room and I’d totally hang Read a Book over the TV…me, passive? Nah…

I absolutely LOVE the idea of being able to get copies of the art, but would prefer the option to get high quality prints OR canvas, considering the cost difference between the two. Either way, I love where this idea is going! You guys are awesome. :slight_smile:

Woot! are you taking requests for Canvas art, or is there a way to special order? I’d like to get a canvas version of “The Bite”

I got the wrong one as well, and they refuse to send me the correct item.

Shoot Matthew from ArtWall an email. He set it right very quickly. My replacement came in very quickly.

When I found these posts that’s exactly what I did. He emailed me back and is setting it right as we speak. Thank you so much Matthew and those of you in this post!

Where is the unicorn eating a rainbow canvas?

The guy on the couch in the cover photo ate it :wink:

It’s actually under the Cute category. Here’s a direct link:

I’m highly amused by the cover photo for this event btw. I might even buy it if it was for sale lol.