Canvases of Banksy



Isn’t paying for street art kind of contrary to the point?


not if you do so ironically!


I often wonder what Banksy would make of iCanvas here? Has anyone verified their print?


It’s disappointing to see Woot! promoting the sale of unauthorized artwork. When I buy artwork, I like to know I am supporting the actual artist, not some ripoff artist. Apparently, there are a number of sellers profiting by doing the same thing. The disclaimer on Woot!:

“This sale is in no way authorized by the mysterious figure known as Banksy, and these are not official or authorized reproductions.”


At least for one of the pictures…

You’re not getting a deal, $99.99 from the sit and $100 here for the same size. Depending on what state you live in, the tax will be the difference, maybe.


The “A” the ball and chained artist is painting is not an “A” at all. It is a poorly drawn (painted) falice. You have to look closely, but do you see the “drip” above it?


Not to mention the site has a 20% discount going on right now.

If Banksy could vandalize woot, he would.


I agree that the images are stunning but it’s completely not in the spirit of the art to purchase it from some for-profit that gives no money to the artist, nor likely supports the values put forward in the art. Kind of sell-out extraordinaire…


This sale is in no way authorized by the mysterious figure known as Banksy, and these are not official or authorized reproductions. Which makes them, like, “unsanctioned” and “underground” and “cool”, right? Right?


Fucking gross.


I’m a huge Woot fan but this is spectacularly disappointing to see. Why not just sell ripped copies of downloaded albums too?

Really poor form folks.


Boys and Girls, This ain’t the same woot your parents grew up with. Its owned by Amazon now.


by Joby Cummings

Sadly, i really wanted that shirt and still do, but woot from the past halted the sale.

This is what woot had to say back then.

link to comment below

(Without being able to track down the credit for this image, I’m going to discontinue the sale, at the very least, until I can do more research. Rest assured, if the decision is made to not sell the shirt, refunds will be made to everyone who has already purchased.

For the record, I’ve got a ton of respect for Joby and his work and I’m glad to call him a friend of the site.

We will not offer this shirt for sale. Anyone having made a purchase will receive a refund and an email later today. Contact with any questions.)


One of the saddest and proudest moments in woot! History. Thanks for opening old wounds and pouring salt in them. Quality post points! :wink:

PS: Avoid this mess next time; my image is for sale to legitimize the highest bidding “artist”! :wink:


Don’t buy these. They are really cheesy.

If you like the artwork… buy a real print.


Oh the hypocrisy.


No, it makes them possibly legal (if he even has legal grounds, which is questionable) under Banksy’s own terms, which is for personal use and not to claim them as authorized. The latter criteria is met, the former is an interesting legal question.

Check your righteousness and try to make an argument, not a shouting match.

Like, point out site or vendor for legit prints of these particular pieces or shut it.

If these are indeed based off his street pieces, I think he and you are on shaky ground at best as to the claim of “stealing.” Seems public domain is implicit in both the placement and the act itself.

Regardless, anyone using copyright law to defend Banksy’s work?! HAHAHAHAHA

Guy abuses trademark, copyright, and even steals (sorry, copies) other’s methodologies, etc., so the complete hypocrisy in defending him with the tools he abuses is silly at best. If the artist Banksy has a problem with it, he’s a big boy and has the full legal recourse of copyright law both in this country and by international law to exercise and protect his works, including the DMCA.

He chooses not to, so I’m not sure why you’re crying out for him.

And agan, that’s if his some of these works even qualify for protection under copyright. Still, claiming theft on this artist’s behalf is freaking funny given his methodologies and his supposed principles regarding power and capitalism, as well as other things supposedly driving his art. Real rich post of yours.


has anyone actually been to Banksy’s website?

“You’re welcome to download whatever you wish from this site for personal use. However, making your own art or merchandise and passing it off as ‘official’ or authentic Banksy artwork is bad and very wrong.”


This is quite pathetic, and I’m really disappointed in Woot for selling these overpriced knock-off canvas prints without the authorization of the artist himself.

I’m also disappointed in people that actually buy these. A poster of the design would be much less tacky.


Don’t let the pictures deceive you, the canvas prints are not as deep as they seem. I ordered mine last time they were available, and love it, but it’s only a half inch or so deep-- whereas the picture makes it seem deeper in proportion to the canvas.


FAIL. Illegally selling the work of an artist for personal gain is wrong.

On top of it - a couple of those works are NOT EVEN BANKSY - there is a Dolk and a few others. So please, at least educate yourself before selling the WRONG fake art to people.

I love Banksy’s art, wit, and political messages - just not this artificial crap. Shame on you, Woot - I expect better from you.