@Froodyfrog I think u said u were aiming for one of these


(Nice ninja edit though.)

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Is there a “Hat Hat” ?

Currently for sale?

Apparently not.

I’ll just go and continue to remain without a HAT Hat.

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Is this what you are looking for?


I don’t have a HAT Hat of my own.

I cry myself to sleep lamenting that fact.

maybe we’re making more?

On order. Back in stock soonish. LOL

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I want it back up, so that I could contribute to not order it.

Just like how I’m continuing to not order CAP Cap.

A person’s gotta have a hobby.

So you want it available but when it becomes available you don’t want to purchase it?


I’m planning on hesitating until they sell out, and then I’ll complain.

I’m told that it makes sense.

Will it have a poof ball this time?

No poof ball. Same exact item.

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Straws and Snapple Bottle holders?

Ugh. Fine. #teamfroody

Only DIY. You supply teeth and ink.