CapaBunga Reseal Your Wine Mixed Set

CapaBunga Reseal Your Wine Mixed Set
$39.99 $59.00 32% off List Price
(4) CapaBunga - Reseal your Wine
(1) GlassWhere, Set of 6
(2) CapaBubbles


Seems like a lot of money for what I am getting in the box. Especially those glass where discs those look like 99 cent store fodder.

Move the decimal one more place to the left and I’m in.

$60 list? Seems legit.

Six small pieces of silicone + 6 small pieces of plastic = $40? This may qualify as the most overpriced woot I have ever seen. Nice idea, just way too expensive.

You can get 4 of the caps for $13 on Amazon. Can’t imagine those other slips of wafer-thin silicon make up that much of a price difference. I think this is an easy pass.

In this set, you are getting:

4 Capabungas ($11.95 on Amazon)
2 CapaBubbles ($13.59 ea on Amazon)
1 set of GlassWhere ($11.95 on Amazon)

Total cost on Amazon: $51.08

Two of the caps are for sparkling wine so they have clips to hold them in place.

I don’t understand…why would you have wine left in the bottle? I don’t think this has ever happened to me. :slight_smile:

I’m the only one in the house that drinks wine. I like to be able to get up for work in the morning .

IFTFY. :wink:

The wine sealer caps look exactly like the ones they were giving away at a winery we visited a couple of years ago. We’ve used it quite a bit, and it works perfectly, just as described: lay it down in the fridge, and you don’t lose a drop. Very handy when using wine for cooking and don’t need the whole bottle at once.

Good point. Changed. THANKS!

I use a vacuum sealing cap to keep it fresher longer. I don’t see how this cap system would help with that aspect. The vacuum caps won’t let anything spill either. This system seems too expensive in comparison.

I have some of the regular CapaBunga and have never had them leak. I don’t need all that other fancy stuff in this set, but wish there was an option for just a set of 4 or 6 regular capas.

Just head over to Amazon, TT gave the individual prices in a post above.

Hey now!

Umm…new math?? 11.95 + 13.59 + 11.95 = 51.08 ???

2 CapaBubbles ($13.59 ea on Amazon)

FWIW, your helpfulness has me convinced. This one is a little pricey, but I’ve got friends to buy xmas gifts for…particularly that one who ALWAYS spills the wine everywhere. It’s not every day you get a staff member trying this hard to make Woot’s deals look like deals :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I’m sold!