CapaBunga Reseal Your Wine Mixed Set

Guessing you didn’t do so well with story problems in school.

If by chance I don’t finish the bottle, I let it “breath” overnight and finish the next evening. :slight_smile:

OK, but that really doesn’t change the facts when I can get:
Cilio stainless steel sparkling wine sealers($6.95 each on Amazon)
Vacu Vin Concerto and 4 stoppers ($15.87 on Amazon)
6 Pc wine charm sets (multiple styles at less than $10 on Amazon)

Same (or better) functionality, that should cost more to make, but can be bought for less than this woot. I have no doubt that the Capabunga products are nice, but that doesn’t change the fact that they are overpriced compared to their competition instead of what they are wanting to charge.

You make WD cry.

What amazes me most is that 6% have bought 3 (so far).
$120 worth of plastic wine caps? Yikes! You’re almost halfway to a Coravin!

It’s called “tough love.” :wink:

The Devil is in the details.

Kinda like correctly counting out change?

Can you recall the last time you had that happen?

Sure, that little machine at the end of check out counter is perfect every time. Who needs those pesky humans. :slight_smile: